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Health Factors That Determine How Much Your Life Insurance Policy Will Be



The cost of your life insurance policy is determined, at least in part, by how healthy you are. It stands to reason that the more health problems you have the higher your life insurance policy will be. One thing you should know is that life insurance is cheaper for women than for men because women generally have a longer life expectancy.

Medical Tests

When applying for life insurance, the insurance company will test your blood pressure and your cholesterol level. They also look at your height and determine the build of your body, as well as calculate your height to weight ratio. The insurance company will have a set of standards that you will be measured against.

If the results of your medical tests show you do not meet their standards for a healthy individual, you will be required to pay a higher premium than others would. Simply being overweight is sometimes enough to make your insurance premiums high. Other things that could make your life insurance more expensive are heart disease, asthma, sleep apnea, and any family history of a particular illness.

You will also be forced to pay more expensive premiums if the insurance company determines that you are a heavy smoker or drinker. If you work in an occupation the insurance company considers risky, you will have to pay more in insurance premiums. Some of the occupations that result in higher premiums are pilot, scuba diver, and mountain climber. Even if you practice a dangerous hobby such as car racing or sky diving you may be denied life insurance or forced to pay very high premiums for it.

If you have any of the above-mentioned health problems when you apply for life insurance, you can sometimes get your rates lowered if you quit drinking, smoking, or engaging in other behavior the insurance company considers high risk.

In the unfortunate event that you apply for life insurance while suffering from a terminal illness, you will most likely be denied coverage.

Medications And Life Insurance

If you are on certain medications you may have to pay more for your insurance premiums. Even if you have never had a heart attack or stroke but are on cholesterol medication or a blood thinner, the insurance company will see you as a risk.


If you have a disease such as diabetes or muscular dystrophy you could have a shorter life span than others. This also makes you a risk to insurance companies and may be enough to prevent you from getting the life insurance you are seeking.

The bottom line is, the healthier you are and the safer of a lifestyle you lead, the cheaper your life insurance premiums will be. To keep your premiums at a reasonable rate you should always eat right, stay active, and make wise decisions throughout the course of your life. It is important not to hide any aspect of your medical history from an insurance company because they will find out you lied.