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Top Ten Foods Everyone Should Have In Their Kitchen At All Times!



We’re all familiar with the importance of keeping a fridge stocked up with eggs, milk, and bread; but what else should we be paying attention to? Here is a list of fantastic foodstuffs with huge health benefits that can be thrown into any meal for fabulously flavorsome results!


As one of the most versatile foods in the world; garlic can be used to add flavor to almost any dish whilst harboring powerful antibiotic properties. Another health benefit of this bodacious bulb has the ability to enhance the body’s immune system through boosting cell activity. I keep mine wrapped up in an oilcloth bag to keep them fresh.

If you’re short of ingredients for a quick lunch throw together some garlic, pasta, olive oil, and basil with some olives and tomatoes. They also apparently ward off vampires; which is definitely a bonus.


Spinach is a great superfood to stock up on as it aids digestion; maintains low blood sugar and contains a huge amount of antioxidants. It’s fantastic for your skin, bones, and nerve function. It has also been proven to contain flavonoids- a phytonutrient with anti-cancer properties. No wonder Popeye had so much energy!

Fresh Oranges

Oranges have been found to contain a flavanone known as hesperidin; which has been proven to lower high blood pressure as well as cholesterol in studies. They have considerable antioxidant properties and just one orange contains 116.2% of your RDA of Vitamin C! This is a great immune system booster and also tastes great as part of a balanced breakfast.

Kidney Beans

These real-life magic beans are a great source of protein and are high in iron. The Vitamin K they provide offers wonderful benefits for the brain and nervous system; as they contain thiamin which is critical for cognitive function. They also make a fantastic addition to any rice dish.

Sweet Potatoes

Despite looking wholly unappealing raw; these tasty roots are little foodie superheroes containing a high level of vitamins necessary for immune health and keeping your heart fit and active. They are high in anti-stress mineral magnesium and are a great source of potassium. They’re incredibly versatile and make a fantastic alternative to your average mashed potato!

Brown Lentils

These small, versatile, and mighty legumes are a huge source of fiber. In recent dietary studies, lentils and legumes were found to reduce risks associated with coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease significantly; and they have also been proven to stabilize blood sugars. Lentils are a great filler and will finish off most sauce dishes perfectly.


These little bulbs are full of flavonoids that have been proven to promote healthy heart activity. They also contain high levels of a substance known as chromium which helps to maintain a positive hormone balance; so much so that it can even manage symptoms of PMT. Aside from that, it pretty much bulks up and injects great flavor into any dish you decide to throw them into.


The red color of tomatoes comes from a pigment found in an antioxidant that tomatoes are notoriously high in, known as lycopene. Studies

have found that consuming tomatoes on a daily basis has helped to lower the risk of prostate cancer in men; and they also contain a large dose of Vitamin C. The same cannot be said of ketchup.

Root Ginger

Ginger is regarded as having the ability to alleviate the symptoms commonly associated with over-indulgence in the form of stomach pains and flatulence. It also reduces the symptoms of travel sickness and has proven anti-inflammatory effects. It also tastes absolutely delicious in herbal tea infusions and oriental foods.


This is great for snacking on and makes a great lunchbox filler for hungry children. Just make sure you’ve got a wipe clean tablecloth down because it tends to prove as messy with youngsters as it is delicious!

It contains chickpeas that are rich in protein and deliciously filling whilst remaining free from cholesterol and saturated fats.

What are your favorite go-to foods? Comment below to let us know!