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Spa Advertising And Marketing Tips Through Branding



As Americans continually learn the benefits of alternative therapies and treatments, spas are increasing in popularity.  Whether a client is visiting the spa to obtain treatment for a particular condition, or they simply want a relaxing way to spend the afternoon, a spa destination is a perfect escape from reality.  Spa advertising is essential in attracting new clients and creating a persona in the industry.


When creating advertisements for your spa, client perception is key.   Think of how you want the client to view your business.

Create a perception of value in your spa products and services.  Pricing your services too cheap will make potential clients think they are cheap.  Also, clients will pay more for the atmosphere.  Many loyal spa clients would rather pay more to receive their services in a sophisticated, elegant spa rather than a cheaper business.  Place a good value on your services.


When placing your advertisements, make sure that you aim at targeting the right market for your spa.  For instance, if you specialize in medical massage techniques and rehabilitation, you can market your services at local clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices.  If you are an upscale day spa that focuses on spa vacations and retreats, you could market your business online, with corporations, and universities.

  • Online marketing:  This is critical in today’s eCommerce world.  Client’s visiting your website can learn about your brand and the services you offer.  Creating a website that directly links to your company’s personality is important.
  • Email Marketing:  Email marketing gives you a great way to communicate with existing clients, as well as reaching potential clients.  You can customize the content, offer rewards, and confirm appointments through email.
  • Direct Mail:  Don’t forget the traditional advertising methods, such as direct mail.  Direct mail remains to be a great way to reach all of your local clients.  You can create a mass mail card, or personalize your mail to existing clients.
  • Radio:  Radio is a perfect method for reaching a captive audience.  Advertising on the right radio stations will allow you to reach potential clients in your local area.


According to spa advertising and marketing experts, branding your company is the most important step in drawing clientele through your doors.  The brand that you create is essentially your company’s personality in the business world.  Making sure that you attribute the right characteristics to your brand is vital in how it will be perceived by clients.

  • Create a logo and slogan that targets your desired customer.  You want a name that will be associated with total relaxation and exclusive spa services that they can’t find anywhere else.
  • Design your advertising with your brand in mind.  Don’t forget your target audience and the desired perception of your product when designing your advertisements.
  • Your brand encompasses a lifestyle of sorts.  When people book a service at your luxurious day spa, they are indulging in your day spas lavish lifestyle.
  • By successfully branding your company, you can increase your client base, revenue, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Having a successful marketing plan is one of the most important parts of your company’s business design.  Ensure your company’s success with high-quality spa marketing.