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The UK’s Most Luxurious Spa Breaks



What with the increased squeeze on household incomes, the overall decrease in job security, and the general rigors of daily life in the 21st Century, it would be understandable if people claimed to feel more stressed out than they used to be. Aside from the unhappiness that can be caused, there are also a number of health consequences that can arise in the long term as a direct result of feeling stressed.

A staggering 34.7% of work-related illnesses were cases of stress in 2010/11. Although this was significantly lower than a decade ago, it is clear that feeling things get on top of us is still a significant issue in Britain today.

With this in mind, taking time out of our hectic schedule to relax and get away from it all should be a priority, so read on as we detail precisely where you can enjoy the more beautiful things in life.

The Serenity Rose Spa Malvern

Set amongst the sprawling countryside and rolling hills of rural Worcestershire, the Serenity Rose Boutique Spa is the perfect place for highly-strung individuals to escape city life. With its beautiful riverside location and picturesque view of the Malvern Hills, few UK spa breaks can boast such a rich combination of soothing treatments and relaxing luxuries.

What makes them boutique is their small size and specialist, on-trend, and focussed commitment to providing unique experiences that leave you feeling like a new person.

The Vale Resort Hotel and Spa

The largest spa in Wales and equipped with leading facilities, the Vale Hotel and Spa offers the ultimate spa break for individuals and couples to unwind.

At the heart of 650 acres of stunning Welsh countryside in the Vale of Glamorgan, this incredible resort offers everything you could wish for from a relaxing spa break. From massage and body treatments to holistic therapies that help to balance your mind, body, and soul, the Vale Spa has an unrivaled selection of spa experiences that will allow all of your troubles to evaporate.

Following a £250,000 refurbishment, the Vale Resort has achieved a five-bubble rating from the leading authority on spa reviews in the UK, so make sure you give it serious consideration before booking your spa break.

Carne Bay Spa

Tucked away in a quiet recess of The Nare Hotel at Truro, Cornwall, the Carne Bay Spa is a luxury spa facility that offers a full range of relaxing treatments – the perfect accompaniment to the natural beauty of the Cornish coast.

Their experienced resident therapist Anne O’Grady can provide everything from massages to new hairdos and reflexology to facials, and you don’t have to worry about being a resident at the hotel to enjoy what they have to offer. There are also a variety of special packages available to those who wish to make the use of the fantastic facilities on offer within the hotel for a day, enjoy a treatment and finish it off with a delicious lunch or afternoon tea.

So if you’ve found yourself pulling your hair out at the stresses and strains of daily life, then make sure you set some time aside for an exceptional spa break experience, and feel all of your problems slip away.