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How to Attract Clients Using Health and Fitness Deals



How to attract clients using health and fitness deals

Any gym owner will tell you that building a large client base is not as easy as one would think. A lot of work goes into ensuring that you are not only attracting new members but also retaining the current ones. This applies to both new gym owners and those with an established membership base.

Although more and more people are taking health and fitness seriously, it still takes a good marketing strategy to take full advantage of the growing demand. It’s all about getting your business name out there. There are some great strategies that you can use to get the attention of potential clients.

Here are some of the ways you can attract more clients using health and fitness deals:

1. Make your facility different

Most gyms that suffer from a lack of growth have one thing in common: They don’t offer anything that sets them apart from the competition. Why would people want to come to your gym if you keep offering the same old boring stuff? You have to make sure that the classes you offer give potential clients a wide variety to choose from. This way, you will be able to attract clients with varying fitness needs. Some of the top gyms have many different classes including yoga, kickboxing, Pilates and dance classes such as Zumba. This way, clients don’t feel restricted to just one aspect of fitness.

2. Focus on client success

All your energy should be focused on ensuring that customers get their desired results. This is something that should be impressed upon every member of your staff, from the receptionist to the trainers. When you give your clients full attention, they notice. Make sure your trainers are good at what they do so that they can transfer that know-how to your clients.  Any trainer that means towards clients should be cut loose.

3. Be part of your clients’ day

If you make your health and fitness facility a part of your clients’ work day, they will keep the facility at the top of their minds. A good place to start would be inspirational posters that are geared towards reminding them of the need to stretch or walk during their working hours. You can also design some nice computer graphics to remind them of the importance of healthy eating.

4. Give members incentives to refer their friends

Current members can be a great marketing asset. Their friends trust them and if you can find a way to reward them for bringing their friends to the gym, they will not disappoint. For example, you can offer a month of free membership for every client who brings a friend along and that friend becomes a member. The reward has to be something that members cannot resist and not just meaningless discounts.

5. Partner up with local corporations

You can also secure agreements with corporations that are within your locality to build internal fitness programs. It’s all about demonstrating to them the benefits of having a healthy workforce and how much money it can save them. You can also incentivize bulk membership by offering significant discounts or offer specific classes for specific organizations.

Just like stores that offer discount code to their customers, health and fitness facilities too can find creative ways to keep clients streaming in. As long as you find a strategy that works for your facility, you will be fine.