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How To Avoid Bad Breath On A Date



Bad breath could be caused by anything from the garlic and onion sandwich you ate to a habit of skipping the floss during your morning routine. Here are a few ways to make sure bad breath never stands between you and that big kiss at the end of a date.

Avoiding a dry mouth

The same culprit behind morning breath can be the cause of your first date halitosis. Drinking plenty of water can help stave off bad breath because it helps generate saliva which you need to help clean your mouth. It is a natural antibacterial and it washes out lagging food particles. So perhaps trade your soda out for water and drink plenty of it. The downside to adding more water to your meal may be that you take more bathroom breaks, but that could give you time to check the mirror to make sure everything is still intact and possibly even sneak in an after-dinner floss.

Healthy Herbs

Knowing what to order to prevent bad breath is even better than trying to get rid of it. Luckily there are plenty of herbs that can help cleanse your mouth of odor after a, particularly pungent meal. Basil, parsley, and cilantro are just a few of these helpful herbs that naturally fight bad breath because of the oils they exude when crushed or chewed.

Solve the problem, Don’t mask it

As tempting as it to pop in a mint after that quick, over-the-shoulder breath test, don’t rely on it as a solution. For one thing, you can’t expect to chew on mints or gum all night as it would be distracting. Also, the minty gum is just a temporary solution to a bigger problem; bacteria! So to avoid having very bad breath with just a hint of mint, try making an after-dinner pit-stop to the restroom and use the tiny bottle of mouthwash you snuck in your pocket or purse.

Know what NOT to order

If your date orders a steak and you have a couple of glasses of wine expect that you will both be facing very bad breath by the end of the meal.  Dense proteins such as red meats are a big kick start for bad breath as is alcohol. With meat stuck in your teeth and alcohol drying out your mouth, you’re asking for bad breath so if you decide you want a drink with dinner be sure to chase it with plenty of water. If you have to have that sirloin or pork be sure to stop by the restroom for a quick floss before pursuing any kissing or close face-to-face conversations.

An apple a day

It makes sense that the foul-smelling onion would make your breath smell just as bad, but for some reason, many people still don’t apply this same logic to many sweet-smelling foods. Most notably, fruits high in vitamin C like citrus fruits, berries, and apples. The vitamin C helps kill the bacteria and other odor-causing oral germs. So perhaps a fruit salad as a side dish or a substitute dessert will give you the scent you want to make the end of the night sweet.