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6 Home Health Remedies That Actually Work



Stick-on bandages and an assortment of over-the-counter pain medications can cure many minor ailments. In addition, there are several other types of household objects that can be used, with some of them being quite surprising. Let’s take a look below at six household items and foods that can be used to treat very common ailments.

1) Use Yogurt to Cure Bad Breath

Sometimes, brushing one’s teeth just is not enough to cure bad breath. So, this is where yogurt comes in to play. Yogurt has live bacteria, but it is good bacteria. In fact, it is so good that it can kill the bad-smelling bacteria living in a person’s mouth; thus, causing him or her to be relieved of bad breath.

2) Use Sugar to Cure the Hiccups

Some people hold their breath to cure hiccups, and while it does work well for some, for others it sometimes seems like ridding one’s self of the hiccups is impossible. So, how does one get rid of them? Well, some doctors state that by swallowing a teaspoon of dry sugar, curing hiccups can be accomplished almost immediately. The sugar modifies a person’s nerve muscles, causing the hiccups to cease.

3) Use Vegetable Oil for Brittle Nails

Nails become dry and brittle because they are not moistened enough. So, how does one go about adding moisture to nails? Well, many people wear lotion at night with gloves on their hands. While this may help some, it does not help all people. A great alternative is to moisten the hands and nails with vegetable oil and wear gloves. In the matter of a few days, the nails should be noticeably less brittle.

4) Eat an Apple for Whiter Teeth

When a person eats a crunchy fruit, such as an apple, the fruit itself acts like a toothbrush which helps the teeth to become whiter. Also, apples act like natural cleansing agents which help to further remove stains. Apples even have a certain type of acid that not only remove stains but dissolve them as well.

5) Use Listerine to Heal Blisters

Listerine has always been known for its multiple uses. Now, it is commonly being used as a way to heal blisters. When it comes to using it for this purpose, it is best to moisten a cotton ball with the substance, followed then by dabbing it on the blistered area three times a day. Eventually, within a few days, the area will dry out.

6) Use a Pencil to Cure a Headache

When a person is stressed or anxious, many times, he or she will clench the jaw and teeth. In doing so, this strains the person’s muscles that connect his or her jaw to his or her temples; this will often lead to the person developing a headache. By putting a pencil in between the top and bottom row of teeth, a person is less likely to clench these muscles, which helps in preventing a headache.