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This Documentary Will Show You How Owning Your Own Juice Bar Is Possible



One of the most popular health documentaries that have come out in the past five years has been Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Directed by Australia’s own Joe Cross, the documentary chronicles Cross’s journey as he tries to regain his health through a 60-day juice fast. Joe is severely overweight, fatigued, and suffers from an auto-immune disease that forces him to take 15 milligrams of Prednisone daily. Otherwise, he’ll break out into hives all over his body. Joe says it himself: he’s only a cheeseburger away from a heart attack and knows that he needs to change. So he buys a juicer and hits the road in the United States as he tries to regain his health. And what are the results?

When Joe starts the juice, he is nearly a hundred pounds overweight. By the time the 60 day fast is over, he is able to hit his goal weight. He is off the Prednisone and has normal blood levels. In short, he has taken a new lease out on life, and he is not alone. Along the way, he helps others regain their health too – including Phil Staples, a truck driver who weighs nearly 400 lbs.

The documentary is just more proof that Australians, Americans, and people all around the world are searching for ways to get healthy, and juicing may be part of that equation. So if you’ve always wanted to help people and be your own boss, one avenue may be opening up a juice bar. So how does one go about doing this? While you’ll certainly need more than a blog post to know how to open up a juice bar or any establishment, here are a few key pointers:

  • Learn how to juice: While this may sound obvious, you will need to have healthy, rejuvenating recipes that also taste good as well. At least you’ll get to drink the juices, you practice. The Juicing Bible is one great resource to get an idea of what fruits, veggies, and herbs work well together and to what end.
  • Get the right equipment and furniture: You’ll need a heavy-duty juicer, refrigerator units for the produce, utensils, glassware, cleaning and safety equipment, and more. In addition, consider the type of restaurant tables and furniture you’ll want to include in your juice bar. The décor will certainly be a deciding factor in how customers view your restaurant.
  • Hire a staff: You’ll be at your juice bar a lot, but you probably won’t be there 24/7. Hiring one or several individuals to help facilitate good customer service and produce tasty treats will be in your best interest, so you can concentrate on the books, marketing, and making your business better.