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Best Weight Loss Supplement To Shed The Extra Fat From Your Body



If you think dieting is the ultimate way of reducing your body weight, then you are completely wrong. Skipping meals can never be a solution to shed the extra fat from your body. However, if you include weight loss supplements regularly along with a balanced diet and proper exercise, you can lose weight easily.

They are available in both powdered and pill form. There are various types of weight loss supplements available in the market, but you need to take certain precautions while purchasing them.

Here are some precautions which you need to maintain while purchasing the supplements

  • The composition of these pills varies from one brand to another. Not all ingredients are compatible with every human body. Hence, it is better to consult your physician before buying these supplements.

  • If you are under certain medications, you should not take weight loss supplements unless and until you consult a doctor. These supplements may react with your medicine, and this might end up in an adverse reaction.

  • If you have undergone any surgery or planning to undergo surgical treatment in the future, proper advice from a physician or health care advisor is required on the intake of these supplements.

  • All supplements are not meant for kids, if you are buying the supplement for your kid, then special care must be taken.

Reducing the weight of obese kids can be a challenge for you. Their body is more sophisticated than adults, and all supplements do not suit their body. A list of a few of the weight loss supplements, which are not at all suitable for kids are mentioned here.

Garcinia Cambogia

HCA or hydroxy citric acid is the possible ingredient of most of the weight loss supplements. The chemical is the product of a fruit named Garcinia Cambogia. It is non-toxic and is considered to be safe, but since there is no concrete evidence, it is not prescribed to obese children.


This weight loss supplement is gummy in nature. It expands in the stomach and reduces the appetite. However, sometime back a few kids suffered from severe stomach cramps after taking it. Hence, it is not prescribed for kids. Moreover, it is not available in the US market now.


This can provide temporary weight loss, but it does not work for a long term weight loss in children. The various forms of herbal diuretics such as uva ursi, dandelion, and goldenseal help in excreting the excess water from the body, which leads to temporary weight loss because of dehydration. Moreover, uva ursi is not so safe for kids. Hence, it is not a suitable option for kids.

Green Tea

It is true that green tea is an herbal product, and it has no such side-effects, but it is not safe for children. Regular intake of green tea may lead to various issues such as growth problems, stomach issues, insomnia, mineral deficiency, behavioral disruptions, etc.

Thus, it is always advisable that you seek help from your health care providers before taking any weight loss supplements. Do not just go with the advertisements that you see in the media. Also, ask for your doctor’s advice while choosing the best weight loss supplement for reducing your body weight.