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Five Nursing Tips For Moms Who Nurse Their Kids Back To Health



When children are sick, the first person they turn to is their mothers. Throughout the ages, Mom has been the one to nurse little ones back to good health. She provides comfort, home remedies, and the security that comes with her presence. Every mother wants to do what is best for her children in order to make them well as soon as possible. There are many helpful tips for the new mother or the first time a child experiences an illness. Here are the top five that are sure to make life easier for mothers and their children when sickness strikes.

Follow the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared

Mothers need to have an arsenal in store in preparation for childhood illnesses. The last thing anyone wants is being forced to go to the store with a sick child when nothing is in the medicine cabinet. It’s always helpful to have children’s pain reliever and fever reducer on hand. Cough medicine and cold products intended for little ones should be on the shelf. Keep a stash of crackers, soup, and popsicles. Don’t forget the tissues. There should be a selection of drinks in the fridge, straws for drinks, and plenty of toilet paper. A vaporizer and heating pad may come in handy as well.

When in Doubt, Call the Doctor

Be sure to contact the doctor if there is any doubt about a child’s condition. If there is a high fever that doesn’t respond to medicine or the possibility of a need for an antibiotic, the doctor will have the answers. In addition, it will provide mothers with reassurance when a physician provides his or her expertise. Always plan on something special for the child after the trip to the doctor’s office. Children often experience anxiety about the doctor. A reward can help make it easier for everyone.

Fluids, Fluids, Fluids!

It is vital to keep children hydrated when they are ill. This will help the body to fight off fever. Ice cubes and popsicles can be included to help a child to get enough fluid in the body during illness. If a stomach virus is a problem, ginger ale or ice chips may be the best approach. Otherwise, juice and water should keep flowing. Flavored waters may be more appealing. Also, make it fun by adding a drop or two of food coloring to ice water for a bit of a science experiment. The child can be the scientist, adding colors and mixing with a magic wand of a straw.

Adjust the Diet

When a child is sick, the usual diet will probably be tossed out the window. A child with nausea is definitely not going to want regular meals. Everything should be bland during a stomach bug. When a child can keep something down, stick with toast and crackers. Applesauce, oatmeal, and noodles might work as well. Very bland soups could be helpful. This is not the time to push the vegetables and protein. With recovery, a normal diet can resume.

Make a Child Comfortable

It’s important to provide children with comfort when sickness strikes. Clean bedding and pajamas are important as well. Children may want to camp out on the couch, in their parents’ bed, or in a cozy chair. It’s time to bring out the blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. Turn on those favorite movies or relaxing music. Make it a welcome spot to get well. They may not sleep well at night so it is important to encourage sleep at any time possible. With time and attentiveness, good health will return thanks to the nursing skills of mothers.