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What You Need to Have in Your Baby’s Medicine Cabinet



If it’s your first time being a mom, you want everything to be perfect for your baby. You want to be prepared for anything especially when your baby gets sick. A well-stocked medicine cabinet is good to have around but you don’t need to go overboard and buy the whole pharmacy. Here are a few essentials.

Digital thermometer

A thermometer is definitely a must-have. You need to regularly monitor your baby’s temperature to ensure that he is not running a fever. Most thermometers are accurate and affordable so you don’t have to worry about which brand to get.

Vitamins and medicines

Your pediatrician will give you a list of vitamins for your baby. If you are concerned about fevers, cough, and colds, ask your pediatrician. Depending on your baby’s age, you can get over-the-counter medicine as long as your pediatrician deems it to be safe.

Rehydrating fluids

In case of diarrhea or lack of fluid intake, you can use rehydrating fluids such as Pedialyte but again, ask your pediatrician about this. Remember that children with diarrhea should be given proper medical attention as soon as possible as this can lead to dehydration which is a very serious condition for children.

Nasal aspirator

You’ll need this when your baby catches a cold. You need to suck out the mucus from his nose so that he can breathe easier.


Use the tweezers to remove splinters or tiny foreign objects on your child’s clothes.

Oral syringe

Some parents find it easier to use a syringe than a dropper when giving medicine.

Heating Pad

For tummy aches and other minor aches and pains.

Cold compress

Use this to soothe minor bumps and bruises.

Small flashlight

Use this to check the inside of your baby’s mouth, ears, and nose.

Rubbing Alcohol

Don’t use alcohol on your baby. It is way too harsh. Use the alcohol to sanitize your hands or to sterilize materials such as a thermometer.

Insect or rash cream

Again, before buying anything ask your pediatrician for the best brand to use for your baby.


Ask your pediatrician about the safe age your baby can wear sunscreen. If you have a newborn, it is best to keep him away from direct sunlight as the UV rays can be very harsh on his skin. If you do need to get a sunscreen, read the label and make sure that the product is safe for your baby.

Hopefully, you won’t need some of the products in this list but these are good to have around if and when the need arises.