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Worst Foods For Your Health And Teeth



Dr. thomas taylor shares healthy foods that can help reduce your overall caloric intake

Everyone has their favorite snack foods, but see if your favorite indulgent food is on this list.

Here are the worst foods for your health and teeth.

Artificial sweetener

Artificial sweetener is a toxic ingredient that can wreak havoc on your internal system. There are many documented cases of people who have reverse reactions such as seizures, migraines, and even depression from eating aspartame. Avoided it, and instead use a natural sweetener. Aspartame can chemically affect your body.

Canned food

Canned goods are a dangerous food for your hormone levels. The food that goes into cans must last for a long time so it’s often loaded with sugar and fat. Even salt can add an unbalance to your body. This can contribute to obesity among children and also heart disease and problems in the reproductive organs of people.

Better than buying cans, cook your vegetables and beans from scratch, and do this in your kitchen so you know what ingredients go into them.

Avoid eating out

During the week eating out an mess your diet up, because you may eat more sugar and fat than is necessary. Restaurant portions tend to be very large and can contribute to weight gain. Instead, cook your meals at home and have maybe one or two nights during the weekend where you eat out.

Avoid gluten

30 to 35% of people have gluten intolerance are you one of them?

Many people are seeing a breakdown in their immune system based on chemical exposure that is found in gluten. Medications and stress can also contribute to poor health conditions. Eliminating gluten from your diet could help you feel healthier. Most gluten products have low minerals and vitamins in them by replacing your gluten foods with gluten-free options you have more whole-food, whole-grain options to choose from. You feel better and you may even be healthier and lose weight.

Ditch Sugar

Many Americans consume too much sugar. In fact, the average American will eat 142 pounds of sugar in one year. This doesn’t include someone who has a sweet tooth. If you put sugar in your coffee, start in the morning by eliminating extra sugar in your coffee. Simple make small steps such as putting green tea into your morning routine. This will help you feel better throughout the whole day.

Sugar weakens the immune system and can cause many health problems such as inflammation and obesity. Sugar is highly addictive; it is best to eliminate it from your diet completely.

Sugar can cause bad acne as well as world health issues such as cavities, tooth decay, and even toothaches, avoid sugar.