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Does Gluten Sensitivity Affect Oral Health?



A new study found that dental patients with gluten intolerance or sensitivity have tooth enamel issues.

A recent study confirmed that gluten can cause the human body to produce more of an immune reaction against the proteins in the body. The main proteins that produce enamel on the teeth.

Lack of tooth enamel can leads to a variety of oral health issues and extensive problems including painful cavities, tooth decay and tear, and even the premature loss of teeth.  Gluten proteins can negatively impact a person’s oral health.

Maybe you should go gluten-free. If you want to experiment and find out, you can try removing gluten completely from your diet. Do this for seven days and see how you feel after. If you feel less bloated than perhaps gluten is not for you. These foods can help you enjoy a gluten-free life.


Quinoa is a South American seed found in Peru. It is part of the grass family. Because it is a seed, not a grain it is healthier.

However, many people put quinoa in the grain category, because of its similar flavor. It is a very popular food in many restaurants.

Quinoa has high protein and therefore it is added in many protein bars, snacks, crackers, and chocolate. Quinoa is a great topper to salads and appetizers. It will help you feel more full with its high fiber content. Eating more quinoa can help you feel more healthy because it has an essential protein.


Millet is even drier than quinoa. But it’s an excellent source of protein for people who only eat plant-based foods. People who do not eat meat such as vegetarians and vegans can turn to millet to get mineral-rich satisfying foods.

It is a great food to blend with mashed potatoes or mix in with your vegetables you can eat it fresh or cooked.

Brown Rice Mochi

You may have eaten mochi before, it is a Japanese rice paddy paper and if you get the type that is made with brown rice is actually healthier for you. There are many different flavors, such as dried fruits cinnamon, or nuts and this can satisfy your sweet tooth. Moshi with brown rice is tasty, and a healthy dessert that is completely gluten-free.

You can eat your brown rice mochi with applesauce or even drape it with almond butter, no matter what, it makes a great healthy alternative to a pastry dessert.

Buckwheat Noodles

If you love soup or any type of stir fry, buckwheat noodles are a great alternative. You can use 100% buckwheat noodles all the time whenever you make pasta.

They have a really smooth creamy texture but they are hardy and will fill you up. Buckwheat noodles go good with spicy foods and can mix well into salads and other casseroles.

Chia Pudding

Many people love chia seeds as they have been known to be a superfood.

There are many benefits to eating chia seeds as they can help improve many aspects of your help.

Lettuce Wraps

If you want to be completely gluten-free, through the carbs out the door and avoid the rice patties. Instead, take romaine lettuce and wrap your fillings, similar to a taco shell. But lettuce as the wrap is much healthier and way easier to digest.

There are many alternative foods to regular gluten foods by eating a gluten-free diet you will feel healthy and happy plus your teeth will improve.