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Online Dating Tips Everyone Should Know



The internet offers an exciting world of opportunities and online dating has enjoyed massive growth over the last few years with more people than ever before looking for love in cyberspace.  The internet dating world is not without its faults and there are also some risks attached for those that do not take adequate precautions to protect themselves. Here is a guide on how to find love online safely and effectively.

Sites to avoid

There is a huge range of internet dating websites to choose from and the vast majority are honest and are genuinely trying to hook you up with someone you should like to meet, but there are sites out there that have a number of tricks to grab your cash and give you nothing in return.

Some of the things that you should look out for include seeing how many inactive members they are showing on their database. You should seek out a site that lists when the member last logged in which will indicate whether they are still active. Some sites that are out to fleece you try to make it look like they have more members actively looking than there really are by not deleting people who have since left and by not displaying their last login details. A site with an out of date membership list is a good indication of either a poorly run site or worse, a site that is out to get your money without giving you anything worthwhile in return.

Other common scams

It is always best to be wary of a site that you have not been told about or know nothing of until you are satisfied that they are worth listing your profile with. Some unscrupulous sites post a whole pile of dummy messages from so-called “members” that you have to pay a subscription charge in order to see their contact details.

Also, beware of hidden charges especially where they ask for your credit card details and then hidden in the small print you find that they are charging you an unexpected administration fee.

It should be stressed that the vast majority of online dating sites are well run and honest, but just be on your guard and if you know someone who has already used a few, ask their opinion so that you can get a feel for the best site for you. Now that you have got all the bad stuff out of the way, how about actually finding your true love on the internet.

Your online profile

This is your shot at attracting someone special who can be a big part of your life so don’t take any shortcuts unless you want substandard results in return. You would not send a resume to a company that was poorly presented so think about what you say in your profile and post a decent photograph that you have taken time to get right, rather than the first one you find on your PC.

Be honest

There are people out there who are more than willing to be economical with the truth but what is the point in telling someone you are younger than you are only for them to find out later and break any trust or bond that you might have built up. Be honest with yourself and the people you are in contact with, it is the foundation for a successful relationship, and if nothing else it will give you the moral high ground when the man you meet turns out to be 5ft instead of 6ft tall.

The best advice to anyone using online dating is to stay safe and keep your personal information secure. Build up a relationship slowly with plenty of dialogue before you agree to go on a date. Mutually genuine people will understand and be quite happy with the arrangement themselves.