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5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem In The Dating World



The way we feel about ourselves is critical when it comes to having success with women.  Women are naturally wired to seek out men who feel good about themselves and know they have something to offer, not men who are unsure about themselves and mentally weak.

Having high levels of self-confidence is often the difference between having success with beautiful women, and failing miserably.  So let’s make sure that we take every step we can towards building our confidence up if we wish to have a dating life that others would be envious of.  The following list contains five steps that you could take towards making this happen:

1.  Work out

The physical appearance that we present will have a tremendous effect on our self-confidence.  When we are overweight and out of shape, we not only suffer the physical problems that come along with these issues, but we will also feel insecure about the way we look, as if we are not attractive, and will have very low levels of energy as well.  Not only will working out help to eliminate all of these problems, but it will provide us with some positive energy and fuel our future interactions with women.  At the end of the day, feeling better about the way we look is the ultimate self-esteem boost.

2. Try something new.

Trying a new activity is a great way to raise self-confidence.  When we try new activities, we are experiencing personal growth, and developing new passions.  The more we grow, the more we will start to feel like we are interesting people that others will want to get to know.  As an added bonus, we will have much more to talk about on a first date.

3.  Update those tired old clothes.

There are a lot of men out there who are still dressing as if is 1985.  No matter how much we may hate to shop, the clothes we wear are critical to how women will perceive us.  But perhaps just as important, the clothes we wear will make us feel amazing about ourselves if we choose the right wardrobe.  Buying nice clothes doesn’t mean spending ten times more money.  It just means shopping smart.  Show up on your dates knowing that you look good in your new clothes, and you will be surprised at how much confidence will rise to the surface.

4.  Work on your social skills.

If we want to feel comfortable on our dates and impress the women we are with, then we have to feel comfortable holding down a conversation.  The ability to improve your social skills will provide you with a tremendous self-esteem boost in these situations.  Women are not nearly as difficult as most men think.  It’s just a matter of learning how to socialize.

5.  Keep yourself surrounded by positive people.

There is nothing worse than hanging out with other guys that like to hate on other men.  These are the type of friends that laugh when friends get rejected at bars or talk them down when they are trying to work up the courage to do something.  If we want to keep our self-esteem high with women, then we should surround ourselves with friends who make us feel good, encourage us, and help us along the way.