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Health Risks That Are Not Worth Taking



There are many things to watch out for when it comes to your health. What should you eat, what can’t you eat? Chances are you may be listening to the news and seeing the latest science and research around recent health attacks on “healthy packaged foods” instead of listening to everyone, and what they say in the news, simply get healthy by applying these general rules to your diet.

Eat fresh organic produce –¬†Leafy green vegetables that are healthy and organic can help you feel more vibrant. In general, it is a good idea to stay away from processed foods that have chemicals in them. If you read the ingredients and you cannot read all of the names it is best to stay away from that food product.

There’s no need to put chemicals in your body when you have many healthy foods available to you. Many packaged foods are loaded with fat and sugar, they even have a reduced-fat version which has a lot of sodium and fat in it. Pick fresh healthy organic fruits and vegetables for a healthy body and mind.

Avoid radiation from medical tests

Science says that radiation can tests can deliver radiation amounts that normally flood the body would damage. Radiation can break the bonds that bind your DNA, this can result in many health issues, if possible avoid CT scans.

One way to protect yourself is to keep a record of your medical history; this can avoid any unnecessary diagnostic scans. You don’t have to skip them especially if you need them per your doctor‘s recommendation. But to limit them in their excessive exposure will help you stay healthy for longer.

Chemicals in unfiltered water

Roughly 75% of water systems that are public in the United States meet safe drinking water standards. However there is a three-year study in the environment working group without specific chemicals that are not regulated by the EP, yet this is a considerable study because chlorine-based waters often can cause health problems and disease.

For your safety make sure all water you drink is purified using a filtered water system. You can attach it to your faucet and when you travel always drink bottled water or filtered water, never risk drinking water from the tap.

Avoid toothpaste with triclosan

Triclosan is an antibacterial agent that is in many health care products but currently, it is under tight review by the FDA.

Other studies show that it actually can hurt your house because products that contain it increased bacteria’s resistance to the antibiotics in the body. This means that it is in your toothpaste, and it is not working as well as it could. Just avoid toothpaste that has triclosan and you can find a free option available. Read the ingredient labels first to find out for sure.

When you brush and floss your teeth daily you will prevent cavities and will be doing your mouth a favor.

Health issues and problems can happen at any time when you protect your health, you can avoid unnecessary risks, and these tips help.