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7 Lifestyle Tips for Managing Diabetes Effectively



Having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t live a normal, healthy lifestyle. Many diabetes patients are living fine. You too can – simply by living within certain limits and following some proven safety tips.

Here are 10 tips that will help you live a healthy lifestyle that is free of complications:

1. Watch what you eat

Even with diabetes, you can eat whatever you like. But there’s a caveat: you must know how your food will affect your blood sugar levels.

Avoid those foods that will elevate your blood sugar levels, or reduce such foods to the barest minimum. A good safety precaution is to check food labels and restrict your food portions when necessary.

In addition, eat more non-starchy fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach. But eat less of starchy foods such as bread or pasta.

This way, you’ll be safe from complications while still enjoying your favorite delicacies.

2. Use your pen and notebook

Form the habit of noting down critical pieces of information about your health, such as your daily sugar levels. Also, always observe the impact of different foods and drinks on your blood sugar level.

This will help you know which foods and activities are helping your health and which ones are hurting it. You’ll know which foods to avoid or reduce and those that are safe for you to take.

3. Plan for your sick days

Diabetes weakens the immune system. So, you may find it very hard to fight off common illnesses like diarrhea, flu, and colds. And these illnesses, when they strike, tend to increase your blood sugar level.

So, when you’re feeling sick, eat snacks that are easy on the stomach but will give you just enough carbs and fluids. Always have these snacks at home, because you never know when these common illnesses may strike.

4. Manage your medications safely

Of course, you’ll be placed on certain diabetes medications. At any time, always try to keep medications that will suffice for the next 3 days (at least) in hand. This is necessary in case of emergencies.

Also, avoid taking new medications without your doctor‘s prescription. New medications may interact dangerously with the ones you’ve been placed on, and this may lead to terrible consequences.

5. Always fight stress and anxiety

Most people feel sad because they have diabetes. This is the main cause of stress and anxiety in diabetes patients.

Always take solace in the fact that a healthy lifestyle is possible even though you have diabetes. This way, you’ll always have a bright mood that keeps the stress away.

If you give room for stress, it can cause you to make wrong diet choices or prompt you to drink alcohol. So, always take steps to prevent it.

Being active is a very good way to avoid the stress and anxiety that may accompany diabetes. So, engage in regular exercises and in the activities you enjoy.

6. Check your feet for cuts

Always check your feet for cuts, bruises, swellings, or color changes. You can use a mirror or ask someone to help you. Check every part of your feet, including between your toes.

If you observe any cut or unhealed sores, consult your doctor immediately.

In addition, always take good care of your feet. Wash and moisturize them, trim your toenails regularly, and protect your feet from anything that may cause cuts, bruises, or sores. Don’t forget to have your feet examined whenever you visit your doctor.

7. Avoid unhealthy habits

If you smoke or drink alcohol, stop them as soon as possible. These habits trigger complications that can make your life miserable. So, to live a healthy lifestyle avoid them

You can live as long as you wish without diabetes posing any threat in the least. Just follow these tips religiously, and enjoy you’ll enjoy your life to its fullest while it lasts.