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Guests Food Restrictions And How Your Caterer Can Help



Guests food restrictions and how your caterer can help

When you are hosting a party or event you have a lot of things to think about, one of them being satisfying all of your guests dietary needs. Food allergies, dietary restrictions and general food preferences are all important points to consider when planning your event. You don’t want to be serving Thai food with a creamy peanut dressing when you have a guest with a peanut allergy and another person who simply hates Thai foods. The easiest way to put your mind at ease when planning a menu to appease all your guests- hire a caterer!

Allergy Restrictions

Many people have food allergies or sensitivities that need to be remembered when planning event. Some of your guests may even have extreme allergies that could be life threatening. If one of your guests has a severe gluten allergy, for example, any trace of flour in their food could lead to stomach troubles. This is something you definitely don’t want to be responsible for and thinking about all of your guest’s allergies can be stressful.

If you hire a caterer, they will be able to make note of any food allergies and guarantee that each guests food remains allergy free. Many catering kitchens have separate areas for preparing certain foods to ensure there is no cross contamination (no gluten will touch a dish that is supposed to be gluten free!).  Caterers can also easily prepare completely different meals for people who cannot eat something from your chosen menu.

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So, if you have a guest or two that has a severe food allergy, search online to find Catering Melbourne. Hiring a caterer is definitely the way to go, your guest will be able to enjoy the food at the event without worry and you can rest at ease knowing you are serving allergy free food.

Dietary Restrictions

Dietary restrictions are a little different than a food allergy as these restrictions are made by choice. To continue with our gluten example, some people have true gluten allergies where their body cannot process gluten and they will be very sick if they consume any.

Other people choose not to eat gluten and follow a gluten free diet as a way to lose weight or just to feel healthier. While a dietary restriction isn’t as life threatening as an allergy, your guests likely take their diet choices very seriously and would want you to serve foods they can eat.

While you could base your whole menu around everyone’s dietary restrictions or prepare multiple meals on your own, this is difficult and stressful when cooking in your home. Who has time to prepare multiple meals?! Instead, just hire a caterer! You can easily give your catering company a list of your guest’s dietary restrictions and they will be sure to have meals prepared just for them.

One gluten free dinner, another vegan option, maybe a dairy free dinner too- whatever you need in order to make your guests feel welcomed is what a caterer will provide!

Religious Restrictions

Depending on what religion one follows, diet may be restricted based on religious beliefs. One religion may frown upon consuming pork products while another may prohibit eating meat in general.  If you are hosting an event directed toward a specific religion, a caterer will be able to abide by these rules and restrictions.

Many caterers are well versed in the roles of food in religion and all the small guidelines they need to follow to make an acceptable meal. This may be something you simply cannot do on your own.

A caterer would also be able to provide a single meal for someone with dietary restraints due to religious beliefs. For example, if one of your guests needs to have a kosher meal, a caterer may have a certified kosher kitchen or access to a kosher kitchen where they could prepare a special meal for your guest.

Talk about customized service! This is a major reason why you should always hire a caterer for your events- religious dietary restrictions need to be respected and followed.

Hiring a caterer takes away all the stress of planning a menu that everyone at your party can eat. It truly is almost impossible to serve just one meal to everyone and it is just too difficult to prepare separate meals on your own. Why even attempt to conquer food allergies, dietary restrictions and cultural needs? Let a professional caterer do this for you and everyone will be able to eat worry free!

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