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Dr. Paul Clayton Talks Testofen, Keys To Success, And Healthy Living



Dr. paul clayton talks testofen, keys to success, and healthy living

In what can only be described as an illustrious career in the fields of pharmacology, public health, medicine, and food science, Dr. Paul Clayton has sat on numerous Food and Health advisory boards and worked with leading doctors and clinical scientists across the UK and the world. Academically, Dr. Clayton obtained his Ph.D. and had graduated from Edinburgh University summa cum laude in Medical Pharmacology, forming a solid foundation for his amazing research and work that was to follow.

Today, Dr. Paul Clayton is a leading consultant for numerous well-known international companies and designs clinical trials for nutritional therapies. He writes extensively on issues of nutrition and health and directs radio and TV programs on said issues. Dr. Clayton also chairs and presents at international health and nutrition conferences and has recently been appointed the position of Research Director of the Oxford post-graduate course – Medical Nutrition Matters. Dr. Clayton continues to commit himself to the study and research of the medicinal uses of food, and public health doctrine and is a renowned researcher for Testofen, a popular supplement ingredient for men.

A Man on a Mission: Dr. Paul Clayton in His Own Words

  1. What drives you to succeed in your field?

From the early days of my career, dating back to my University studies in Medicinal Pharmacology, I have always been passionate about health care, and in particular preventative health care as it is affected by nutrition. Living in reliance on health insurance premiums is no way to live, and it is my aim to continue my work in reforming the systems we have now to incorporate a greater emphasis on proper nutrition and holistic living.

  1. How would you change the world for the better?

Well, the world is ever changing and expanding and these changes mean different things for different cultures. As a world citizen, I am committed to informing myself and staying updated with these changes so as to grow the mind, shape new ideas and improve the quality of life through nutrition and good health in culturally relevant ways. My current work as a Testofen researcher, for example, is just one way, I am able to do just that – bringing the benefit of Testofen to men everywhere.

  1. What do you enjoy about your Testofen research?

One of the things I enjoy most about my Testofen research is the discovery process. Discovering something new every day and stretching the mind to absorb the new information and find innovative ways to have the benefits incorporated into the lives of others is a thrill I could experience over and over again. I love that there is always more to learn and that you can never stop climbing higher, nor can you stop facing new challenges.

  1. Is passion important in science as it is in the arts?

Certainly. In fact, in many ways, applying scientific discoveries is like art. There’s a certain flair to applying new knowledge in ways that are beneficial to others and passion is the glue that brings it all together. Consider my work as a researcher, for example. Knowing what we know so far about the benefits of Testofen for men, we need to find new and innovative ways to bring it to market in dietary and nutritional products so that men can enjoy the benefits in their daily lives. It is this passion that drives this innovation and that will keep us going against the grain until we find the appropriate solution(s).

  1. Do you have any role models in life?

Yes, I do. My role models tend to be those who are of the rebellious variety. My role models are those who tend to go against the standard doctrine regarding how we should live, and who are brave enough to blaze an uncharted path. These are the ones who are ‘crazy’ enough to change the world, who are unafraid to innovate and ruffle a few feathers to bring about beneficial change. Those are the people I look up to in my life.

  1. What advice can you give on living a healthier life?

Being reactive is not the way to go about our health and living a healthy life. A healthy life will always start with what we feed ourselves – the quality of our food. While there are other factors that can influence our health, there is simply no substitute for good nutrition. Eat well, take supplements, and practice holistic living. As we learn more about food and how it affects the body, we should make adjustments accordingly so as to give ourselves the best possible start.