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Health & Muscle Secrets Of Hot Tubs



Everyone goes in the hot tub… But few people know of their hidden secrets. When it comes to extensive workouts, playing some intense sports games, or simply lightening your workload for the day, a hot tub is one of the best places to let go and relax your joints. Here are three lesser-known ways that a hot tub helps with your health and muscle recovery:

Helps with your blood circulation

Often times when you are engaging in high-intensity activity, the blood rushes to your main organs like your heart, your brain, and your lungs for breathing. This type of intensive workout can cause soreness to the rest of your body parts. However, it’s very smart to get in a hot tub for 5 minutes to help get your blood flowing again because of the heat. Also, if you are someone into track or you are preparing for a run in the cold weather, a quick jump in the hot tub is not a bad idea because you will be warmed up and feel a lot looser and relaxed during your run.


Stretching is a key way to increase blood flow, relax, your body, and keep yourself limber. The hot tub and stretching can be an effective way to get some extra stretching when you find yourself short for time. A hot shower with stretching is also very time effective. When you stretch in warm water, you relieve a lot of tension and soreness in your joints. This helps you recover properly so that you do not increase the chance of injury. Recovery is as important as the workout itself. This will help your muscles grow quicker instead of getting fatigued.

Help reduce stress

It’s liberating to sit in a hot tub after a long day or an exhilarating workout. You get the chance to just think about your day whether it was good or bad. It’s a great time to collect your thought and relieve the stress of the day. All the while, you help your body out from the soreness and tightness of being stressed out. It’s a good way to relieve your body of the toxins causing more muscle soreness. Also, if you have the money, it’s not a bad idea to jump in a hot tub then hire a masseuse to really get your blood flowing all over. It’s relaxing, you can get some well-needed rest, and you’ll help bring out a lot of toxins by releasing pressure in your joints.

Having a hot tub is not a bad way to help in your overall quality of life. Health is something not to take for granted. You’ll find that having a hot tub will not only help reduce muscle soreness but the stress in your life as times get hard.