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Vintage Wear Is Clothing Steeped In History



An article looking at how certain fashion trends stand the test of time and become vintage in their own right.

It is hard to know exactly what it is that makes something become part of something bigger than itself, a snapshot of a certain point of time, a moment that is looked back on fondly. That is what nostalgia really is, and also what makes vintage wear so appealing to those who want to recapture these feelings for that time.

There are certain clothing items that pass by without much of a mention when their time has come and gone, but others manage to remain within the social consciousness and reappear once the look is ‘back in’.

Fashion can be categorized by the decade when it first became popular, such as the sixties’, seventies’ and eighties’ wear, but particular individual pieces can also be set apart from the general trend.

Some items are considered quirky and allow the wearer to simply imbue personality. This is what attracts people to vintage clothing, with the bohemian and eclectic look seen as being especially stylish, without following the pack and seasonal trend at that time.

For instance, the duffel coat and Parka have long been thought of as one of those great creations. Bringing an indie appeal, these coats are warm and functional, while containing that thing we’ve been talking about that means it simply oozes nostalgia.

In the late eighties and nineties when sportswear by well-known German brand Adidas was in it seemed like everyone was wearing the famous three stripes on tracksuits and t-shirts. After fashion moved on and many people got rid of these items from their wardrobe, they suddenly started reappearing again in boutiques and vintage clothing shops until they became more widespread again.

If you hang on to coats, tops, jeans, and knitwear that is more unusual and tends to reflect a scene or moment in time, chances are these things will be clamored for once again.

On the internet, there are now specialist clothing stores dedicated to vintage wear and so if there is something you did get rid of at some point in time but which you’d quite like to put on again, you now have the opportunity.

When you put on these items of clothing you know they stand for more than the sum of their materials, but symbolize a rich part of history, be it the indie scene of the nineties, pop art t-shirts associated with New York and Andy Warhol, or even brightly colored printed dresses from the eighties’ era.