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Here’s What You Need To Know To Become a Holistic Chiropractor



Here’s what you need to know to become a holistic chiropractor

Do you want to become a Holistic chiropractor where you work for regular hours of the day?

It does not get better than this. Chiropractic is a philosophy that believes that the functioning of the body is greater than the total number of its parts. Chiropractic is a mechanistic way of treating musculoskeletal pain. Hence a chiropractor focuses on the quantity of the life force flowing through you plus the quality of life you are leading.

How to Become a Holistic Chiropractor

A Holistic chiropractor is a medically trained physician who focuses on the entire person, your health and modalities of improving it. They may employ massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine in their practice. Unlike other medical doctors, chiropractors have an advantage like working regular hours.

  • Earn a bachelors degree

First of all, the journey of how to be a chiropractor starts with getting bachelors degree with necessary coursework. A Bachelors degree is in all cases what is required for you to join the medical school. However, some programs may consider an application on from great performing students with relevant college coursework by admitting them early.

  • Earn the naturopathic, chiropractic Medical degrees

Secondly, you need to take a Medical College Admissions Tests (MCAT). Then proceed to the medical school for a medical, naturopathic, or chiropractic medicine degree. The are several degrees options with pathways of becoming a holistic doctor. Recognized degrees options in the United States include ND (Naturopathic Doctors), DO (Doctor of Osteopathic), DC (Doctors of Chiropractic) and MD. ND, DO, and DC are doctors trained to approach sickness holistically. However, MD (medical doctors) are not taught this way. The degrees take a duration of 4 years plus 2 -6 years of residency.

  • Take up internship or residency

Thirdly take up a residency in the real-life environment. A doctor in the same field usually supervises the internship. You have to find internships that match your holistic specialization. DOs have a wide choice of residency to choose from. They include Obstetrics, general medicine, surgery, and emergency medicine, while residencies for chiropractors DC are sports medicine and diagnostic imaging. Naturopathic Doctors (ND) may choose to take up residency in minor surgery, women health, and neurology among others.

  • Get Licensed

Lastly, get licensed, after taking up residencies in the USA. You need to pass written and practical exams. The DO takes a Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Exam (COMLEX). A Chiropractor must be registered in all USA states plus the Columbia district while exams are administered at the state level. In contrast to ND, licensing vary by state; some states have licensing laws for NDs while others do not have. Hence, you must graduate from the nationally certified school of naturopathic medicine to qualify for licensing in these states. Additionally, you must pass the Naturopathic Physician Licensing Examination (NPLEX).


A Chiropractor can seek employment in a hospital or seek private practice. The demand for chiropractors has been on the rise in the recent past. Their salary largely depends on location, experience, and settings.

  • Hourly earnings employed

According to US Government Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) (2017), most chiropractors work an average of 40 hrs a week. They earn an average of about $33 per hour. The lowest earns about $15 per hour while the highest paid earns about $68.50 per hour.

  • Annual earnings employed

According to BLS, a chiropractor annual salary is about $68, 640. The lowest paid earns a yearly salary of about $31,120 while the highest paid earns more than $142,000.

  • Chiropractor salary own practice

Some chiropractors prefer a private practice rather than getting employed at a hospital or a clinic. They prefer the flexibility that comes with it. The median salary from private practice was about $93,450 to $109,000 annually.

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