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Spring Cleaning for Your Waist Line



It only takes 30-minutes to declutter your space. If you are doing spring-cleaning, don’t forget to look at your pantry space. It’s one of the best ways to get a healthy kitchen and healthy body.

Immediately get rid of food

Throw away food that is expired. Cake mixes, baked goods, pickles, and even that can of chicken soup you brought to cure your cold five years ago, all that needs to go.

Eating food that is expired is unhealthy for you and spring cleaning means getting rid of the old to make way for the new. Banish foods that you don’t plan to use anytime soon or haven’t used a long time. Items like sun-dried tomatoes that you were going to use at a dinner party but haven’t, just let them go.

Organize like foods

You can assign different categories such as pasta sauce, packaged foods, and canned beans on the different sections of your shelf. Keeping organized will help you reduce your time by being able to find where to look when it’s time to cook.

Also, make sure that you donate unwanted food versus throwing it away. There are shelters and homes that they can use the food that you don’t need. Local food banks are always looking for donations, use this time when you spring clean to give back.

Clean out the pantry is smart for your health. When you do spring cleaning, it’s important to do a deep good job.

Put your food on the counter so you can wash the shelves and sweep out the bottom of the refrigerator. Food falls out of the boxes and items like honey and oils can stick to the shelf. Spring cleaning is more than just organizing it’s about cleaning from the ground up.

Your pantry is an important part of your cleaning routine because it’s where you prepare your meals.  It is where the food that you get is stored. If you want to make sure that it’s clean.

Too much bacteria in your mouth can cause cavities and other oral health care issues. In essence, spring-cleaning is also about cleaning your kitchen and pantry.