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Put Your Skin on a Diet – Best and Worst Foods for Your Skin!



Put Your Skin on a Diet

Did you know your skin is basically what you eat? Much like food affects our weight and the body’s internal systems, what you put in your stomach, maybe showing up on your skin, for better or for worse. This article will share the foods that are good and bad for your skin.



Dairy, preferably yogurt, is a great way to keep skin firm. Adding a daily dose of the healthy proteins from yogurt will keep skin smooth and help it resist fine lines.


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Most foods with a high level of antioxidants are right for your skin, and blueberries contain the most when it comes to fruits. Antioxidants fight free radicals, a major cause of skin damage and early signs of aging. Throw these blue beauties in your purse for a quick snack that’s highly beneficial to your skin and health. Even better toss some in yogurt for a double dose of skin goodness.


Rejoice chocolate-lovers! It’s not just ok for holidays and bad break-ups anymore. Studies have shown that eating cocoa hydrates skin and helps add a supple glow, thanks to the antioxidants (flavonoids to be exact). You’ll be best served using chocolate with a high enough cocoa percentage (around 70% and up) if you want to maximize the benefits. And remember, moderation is key.

Sunflower Seeds

Looking for a quick, healthy snack that will also feed your skin? Sunflower seeds are packed with Vitamin E, which helps protect the skin’s upper layers from damaging and skin-drying UV rays. A little of these go a long way to keeping skin soft.


With salmon, it’s all about the fatty acids, the good ones, of course. Fish with omega fatty acids help keep cell membranes healthy, which strengthens our cell walls. We retain more moisture when our walls are stronger, resulting in more robust, more youthful skin.



Sorry sugar junkies, the truth is too much sugar damages skin’s natural collagen, which is responsible for skin’s firmness. And sweet, has a ton of sugar so best to ditch the lollipops and candy bars for a healthier alternative, unless, of course, you think you look good in saggy skin.

Bad Carbs

Pasta, white bread, and baked sweets like cookies and cakes are not just bad for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight; they are closely associated with acne. One easy way to avoid this is to switch to whole wheat and try to eliminate bad carbs from your diet. Your skin and scale will thank you.


One easy way to protect your skin better is by putting the saltshaker down and avoiding foods with high sodium, which can cause puffiness, blemishes, and dryness.