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Minimizing Pores For A Better Appearance



Your skin is like a sponge. The pores in your skin absorb dirt and impurities that surround you. This leads to clogged pores, which are unsightly and frustrating to fix. Since large pores are one aspect of our appearance we don’t want to flaunt, we need to be diligent in how often we cleanse our skin.

The bigger they are, the more we obsess over them. While pore size is determined by genetics, skin type, and age, we do have control over how well we keep them clean. Although we can’t shrink pores permanently, there are other ways to minimize their appearance and bring them under control. By adding a few extra steps into your daily skin-care routine you can refine pores to achieve a clean, radiant complexion that will have everyone in awe.

Keep Pores Clear

Our pores are constantly at risk from being clogged by dirt, debris, makeup, blackheads, and oil – all which accentuate the size of our pores. Clean pores are happy pores. Cleanse twice a day to remove unhealthy gunk from your skin.

It’s important to use the right cleaner because if it’s too gentle, it won’t take care of dirt and grime. A cleanser that is too strong will leave skin dry, making the size of pores worse.  Skin-care products that contain salicylic, lactic, or glycolic acids or an antibacterial cleanser with tea tree oil will remove excess oil and dirt from the skin.

Exfoliate Your Way to Clean Pores

Our body does a pretty good job of taking care of itself. It produces new skin cells non-stop and naturally exfoliates old dead skin cells to make way for newer, smoother, firmer skin.  Sometimes our body needs a little help sloughing away dead skin cells, so exfoliate once or twice a week to minimize build-up that creates skin issues and keeps skin-care products from working effectively. Pores are most noticeable when they’re clogged. Clogged pores cause breakouts. Use a light facial scrub or something as simple as a warm washcloth to exfoliate. Scrubs with gentle beads softly scrape away dead skin cells making way for new ones, and leaving you with soft, healthy skin.

Mask Large Pores

Treat yourself to a clay mask to give skin and pores the healthy, deep clean they deserve. Clay masks eradicate debris, oil, and excess dirt and grime that clog pores. The best time to use a facial mask is right after steaming. Steam opens up pores so the mask can clean more effectively. Skin will feel cleaner and pores will look smaller.

Tone It Up

Toning is not something you have to do at the gym. Using a toner after cleansing purifies and removes leftover dirt, oil, and soap that cleansers missed. Toning leads to better skin. They balance out the PH level of the skin so it’s refreshed and completely cleansed. Toners are fantastic for controlling oil and tightening pores for a reduced appearance and an even skin tone. People with oily skin should use an oil-free toner while people with drier skin will benefit from a moisturizing one.

Refine and Minimize

There are numerous pore-minimizing treatment products that come in gel or cream form. These products encourage a smooth complexion by stimulating cell turn-over, bringing new layers of skin to the surface faster, and clearing clogged pores. Some of these products contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which exfoliate dead layers of the top of the skin. Products with Retinol and Vitamin C build collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen provides structural support for skin and elastin keeps it resilient – both keep skin firm and tone, which minimizes the look of pores.


Well-moisturized skin cuts back on natural oil production. When fighting large pores, it’s important to keep skin hydrated. Dried out skin from over-cleansing will only make your pore problem worse. This is because skin overcompensates by creating more oil to restore moisture robbed from the skin due to over-cleansing. Oils clog pores faster leading to oversized pores. Use an oil-free moisturizer to keep skin happy and well-hydrated.

Finding a solid skincare routine that works for you is a long-term solution for pesky pores. While you can’t shrink your pores, you can reduce the appearance of their size. Invest in toner and moisturizer to remove excess oils and hydrate your face for an even skin tone. Use a face scrub and skin-firming mask a couple of times a week to also help improve your complexion. You’ll notice a big difference in the size of pores and feel great in your new skin.