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How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy – Seven Super Formulas



Losing weight after a pregnancy is what any mother hopes to achieve and yet never seems to find the time or the energy to do it. The good news is that losing weight is something that will happen quite naturally after you give birth as long as you have the support of your family and do not follow the classic weight-loss techniques. The simple fact of the matter is that pregnancy, recuperating after it, and taking care of a newborn is more than enough to help you lose weight. What you have to do is follow these super formulas for success for new moms.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Look for Help

If you are a new mom, you probably already have the admiration and love of your husband, parents, and friends. You have to really let them help you. Your husband could take over at least half the worries of taking care of the baby. In my case though, as with most families, it was very hard for my wife to let go of the responsibility she felt towards the child. I often had to fight her to get her to go to sleep and rest and to allow me to change diapers or to feed the baby. Still, the biggest reason why women tend to put on extra weight during pregnancy is that they are over-exhausted most of the time, and their bodies try to compensate by eating more.

2. Sleep as Much as Possible

The most important thing to understand about the human body is that it is desperate to keep a balance. If you do not sleep enough, your body will perceive that as a lack of energy, and it will try to compensate by eating more to add more energy. It is a mechanism even men experience when we are very tired and instead of going to sleep we keep working or playing and then feel the need for something sweet like a cola or chocolate. So make sure that you sleep enough, and you will not need to eat as much.

3. Find a Relaxed Workout

As a mom, your doctor probably told you that you should avoid any physical strain and that you should not go into any intensive aerobics. However, you are allowed to walk and do very light housework. This does not mean that you should start doing the dishes to lose weight. In fact, you should only do things that bring you pleasure during this time. That is why you could replace the housework with a light yoga routine, especially one designed for pregnant women. It will leave you more refreshed than you would have thought possible, and it is a great way to lose weight.

4. Eat Only Super Foods

My wife was lucky in this respect because she has always loved to eat salmon and dairy products. After she gave birth, she was always craving them, and I was only too happy to prepare them for her. The great thing about ocean fish – salmon in particular – is that they contain omega 3 fatty acids which are transmitted through the breast milk to the newborn and help with cerebral development and with forming neurological connections. Also, women, in general, have a problem with calcium, and you have just given a lot of it up to form the bones of your child, so you need to eat plenty of dairies to replace that calcium. By doing that, your body will be getting all the protein and minerals it needs, so you will not really feel any need for more food.

5. Breastfeed

Some women are not very happy about breastfeeding because they want to keep the youthful appearance of their breasts. But by breastfeeding, you are basically using up all the extra energy your body is producing, so you will not need to do any intense activities. And there are a lot of exercises and creams that can help your breasts become as beautiful as before; you just need to start using them as soon as you start lactating.

6. Have Healthy Snacks Around

Because you have just given birth, and because you are taking care of a child, you are in a position where your body needs a lot of energy. It is not uncommon for a new mom to feel the craving for a lot of snacks, and the best way to keep you from eating too much bad food is to have a lot of healthy snacks around to eat as a preemptive strike against the munchies.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

Not only have your minerals and vitamins taken a hit because of the birth process, but because of lactating so have your fluids. So it is crucial that you drink a lot of water. It will help you feel saturated for longer and is yet another of those things that can get your body feeling healthy and full of energy so that you will not need to eat a lot of other things that may not be as good for you.

Being a new mom is certainly a blessing, not only because of the baby but also because it is a chance for your body to balance itself out. For many women, it is the moment when their physical condition starts going downhill because they do not take good care of themselves. But having the loving support of your family and knowing when to let go and relax can help you emerge from this experience healthier and more beautiful than before.