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Ways On How To Fight Sleep Inertia



In this article, you will know what are the ways on how to fight sleep inertia.

Before anything else, we must define what sleep inertia means. Inertia, according to Physics, it is a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform in a straight line. In other words, it is a state wherein all things have not changed.

Sleep inertia is when you wake up and you get back to your sleep even before you open your eyes fully. It may be a good thing to have some rest that everyone truly deserves, but it can be a bad thing: For one, too much of rest will make you somehow weak throughout the day and, given that you may have some appointments, you might be late because you did not wake up on time. Fight to oversleep by knowing the ways on how to fight sleep inertia. Read on.

For us, the very best way on how to fight sleep inertia is just to simply fight it. Take the fight and put it in the sack. It is probably the first battle you encounter every day. You might need to get some help from your housemate or from your mom, but if you are living alone it might be a difficult thing to do. Here are some other tips that can help you.

When you wake up, do not wait anymore – just stand up. I know the mattress is really comfortable but do not be fooled by the lure. Just get yourself off the bed; once you do, the kick of energy that you need in order for you to feel wide awake will burst out and you will feel it after a few seconds.

Let the sunshine in. Allowing light to illuminate your room will energize you and make you ready for the day. You can pull the curtains aside yourself or you can let someone do it for you. If you do have someone to do it for you, might as well have him drag you out of the bed. That will make you really awake.

As much as you can, get rid of the snooze option of your alarm clock, as it only gives you the reason to sleep more.

And these are some good, effective tips and ways on how to stop sleep inertia. Now, wake up!