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5 Dress Tips for a Better Date



Dressing up for the first date is a must, everybody knows that. Whether by nervously picking a suit for your prom night or choosing your clothes carefully for your first real date with somebody you met in a club it’s important to look your absolute best or at least feel like it. Of course, there aren’t any style tips that are absolutely fool-proof just like there aren’t any fool-proof dating tips. But here are 5 dress tips that are almost always good to take heed of.

5. Be Overdressed Rather than Underdressed

If you have to pick between being showing up in a suit for karaoke night with your new date and showing up in shorts and flip-flops try to shoot for the former. In any situation where you’re unsure what to wear it is vastly preferable to overdress and look elitist rather than looking unfortunate and embarrassing.

4. Wear Pastels (Moderately)

It takes a gutsy man to wear a pink shirt on a first date. And looking gutsy is what you want, according to the Art of Charm dating tips. However, there is also such a thing as too gutsy. A pastel shirt tells the world that you’re confident enough to let your hair down. A pastel suit tells the world that you just can’t dress.

3. Stand out From the Crowd

Ok, ‘peacocking’ is a bad thing, no buts about it. What isn’t bad is standing out. Being able to read a crowd and set yourself up as apart is a skill to master. Dressing garishly and trying to get noticed through that isn’t. You might be able to draw attention to yourself by ‘peacocking ‘but it is almost certainly extremely negative.

2. It’s All in the Shoes

You’d be surprised to discover just how much of an impact your shoes have on your chances to get a second date. Women know shoes and they have tremendous respect for people who do as well. So don’t show up in older, dirty shoes or you will be judged and likely found wanting.

1. Go Casual

Ok, so maybe the whole luxury restaurant thing isn’t working for you. You can still take your date out to new and exciting places, just agree to both go casual and skip the monkey suit and form-fitting dresses for T-shirts and jeans. After all, what better way to get to know one another than completely stripped of all pretenses.