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Learn How to Touch A Girl While You’re On A Date



Have you ever been on a date and it ends with a handshake like you’re at a business meeting? If so then this is probably the reason that date didn’t materialize into anything good or long term.

A little touch in a confident way can make a big impression on a woman that will leave her thinking about you and waiting to go on another date with you. When you know how to touch a woman in the right way it’ll show her you know how to take control of a situation, which women really like.

Don’t be afraid of rejection because when you’re dating you can’t be afraid to get rejected or you’ll never make any real progress. You have to let her know you’re wearing the pants and put your best foot forward to build some kind of physical connection or romantic chemistry with her.

Most women are naturally submissive so you have to take the initiative and make the first move. If she doesn’t want to be receptive to you let her make that decision on her own. Check out a couple of tips to help you take control and touch her confidently without doing it in a rude manner.

 How and When To Touch

The key to effective touching when you’re on a date is to know when and how to do it. When you touch her it should come natural and easy. Do not force it and wait for the right time to touch and flirt with her.

Don’t start touching on her too soon or she’ll probably get scared of you or feel offended. Especially if it is your first date with her you should try to get her to warm up to you so it doesn’t seem like you are coming out the blue touching her.

The best way to warm her up is to talk to her. Good conversation is one of the best ways to get a woman comfortable with you and drop her guard a little. While you are talking to her and you guys are having a good time try grabbing her hand and see if she lets you touch her that way. If she doesn’t take her hand back then you can most likely get away with more touching to help build more romantic chemistry.

Once you see an opportunity try holding her lightly around her waist or around her shoulders as the two of you are walking to the car or just taking a stroll. Remember to make all of your touchings feel natural and flow with the conversation you’re having with her.

Do your best to read her so you can tell if she is feeling uncomfortable or if she is liking all the touching you’re doing. If she shows any signs of disapproval withdraw your hand and casually continue the conversation the two of you were having.

As a gentleman, you shouldn’t take her disapproval personally, as it is most likely because she is just not ready yet. Simply keep talking to her and making her laugh until she warms up to you. Later on, try touching her again and see how she responds.

Where To Touch Her

Give her a hug and kiss on her cheek when you first meet up with her for your date. Touching her like this from the very beginning of your date will show her immediately you’re into her and you are going to take control during the date.

One of the best locations to touch her is on her arms or shoulders. When you are sitting at the table for dinner touch her arms when she says something funny that makes you laugh. When the two of you are walking somewhere touch her on her shoulders by putting your arms around her. If you feel like she is enjoying herself try pulling her in more so you can hear her better.

Finally, when it is time to end the date touch her by giving her another hug and then go in for a kiss. Try touching her cheeks and look into her eyes before going in for a kiss.