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10 Extreme Sports You Have to Try Once!



Extreme sports have been on the increase as people seek a bigger and better adrenaline rush. Here is a rundown of 10 extreme sports that thrill-seekers need to apply to their bucket lists:

White Water Rafting

One of the more original extreme sports is White Water Rafting. As new and more extreme sports find their place in the extreme sporting world, white water rafting remains a popular sport. There are always new and more thrilling white water routes being attempted, which is why this sport remains the first thought in extreme sports.


What could be more extreme than throwing yourself out of an airplane with only a parachute attached to you? Freefalling towards the ground creates a thrill unrivaled by many other extreme sports, along with an incredible view of the approaching ground.


Abseiling has long been considered an extreme sport; however, it has changed somewhat from simply roping down the side of a mountain. In today’s extreme sporting world, abseiling is more commonly associated with city center skyscrapers.


An Olympic sport, Skiing is one of the most popular extreme sports with many people dedicating vacations to this sport. With different levels of difficulty, it is easy for people of all skill levels to satisfy their adrenaline needs.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is a common sport and a popular attraction in many theme parks throughout the world. As people seek more extreme thrills there have been twists on this sport including bungee jumping over crocodile inhabited ponds.

Limbo Skating

Limbo skating is one of the newer extreme sports on the list. Originating in India, this sport compromises of people roller skating under objects without very much room for maneuver, including cars!

Cliff Jumping

A popular holiday extreme sport, cliff jumping is rather self-explanatory. Jumping from various cliffs into the ocean or bodies of water creates an incredible rush. It is often very well organized and the dangers are limited if you stick to tried and tested locations.

Free Running

Free Running is an extreme sport usually associated with inner cities and is also known as Parkour. Participants are aiming to get from one place to another while scaling objects that are in between, such as fences, stairs, and buildings. It is an unconventional way to get around that creates a thrill for the participants.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is another popular sport for holidaymakers. Consisting of driving a personal watercraft around the sea or a body of water at particularly high speeds, this sport gives many people an enjoyable thrill.


Surfing is a very popular beach-based sport and is competed worldwide. Catching some high waves on board and being propelled toward the land is something the surfing community enjoys en masse. Try this out on your next beach holiday if the waves are big enough.

Be sure to try out some of these exciting sports and quench your adrenaline thirst. If you can think of any more extreme sports be sure to recommend them below.