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What Causes False Positive Pregnancy?



Confirming your pregnancy through a home test kit is always an exciting experience. Rejoice every minute once you get a positive result, but hold on till you get an official certification about the same. You can never rule out the possibility of a negative pregnancy report, though it is not very common.

The accuracy level of such a test is high, but still, you need to get some basic tests done clinically.

All of these things will reduce the possibility of negative or false reports. The result might sometimes vary due to early pregnancy attempts, improper use of the kit, or missed reaction time. The right time to go through this test is when your body starts producing HCG, as it will enable you to detect her condition.

HCG is generated when one of the fertilized eggs travels all the way down to the uterus and implants itself on its wall. A day or two after it is implanted, her body starts producing HCG. This is the appropriate time when you can carry out the test. In other words, whenever a woman misses her period, she can go ahead with this test.

Missed Reaction Time:

Every kit comes with a set of instructions that needs to be followed properly to get a positive result. Due to some reason, if it is not done in the prescribed manner, then it causes a missed reaction. The result might either fade or vary over a period of time. You might get a negative answer, even when you are pregnant.

The stick needs to be properly dipped or else the result might not be accurate. The urine contains HCG that reacts with the chemical that is present on the stick. It is thus suggested that the user uses the correct step, to be sure of the situation. If none of the steps are followed then you might get a false pregnancy report.

The user might sometimes get a false-positive result, due to various reasons. Although not common, such things happen even if you go ahead with the blood test. The best thing to do in such a case is to consult your doctor. They might do a series of tests that will definitely give the actual result.

When you are testing your situation through a kit, it is necessary that you do it on the specified day. The reason for this is quite simple. The home pregnancy stick actually measures Human chronic gonadotropin. If a woman is pregnant the percentage of the placenta is high and also produces HCG in higher volume.

If the stick or your urine is exposed to external factors like detergents, shampoos, or soap then it will directly impact the result. You can opt for a re-test and confirm the result. If you are urinating in a cup to test, make sure that it is clean.

HCG injections are another reason that can cause false-positive pregnancy results. Women, in such a case, are recommended to go through blood tests or obstetric examination that helps the doctor to determine the real situation.