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Weight Loss

Want To Lose Nine Kilos In One Month?



People will tell you that it isn’t possible to lose weight fast. The philosophy that many people subscribe to is that weight loss must be slow and steady, or it cannot be done. But the story of Danny, a 30-year old man from Australia, challenges that received wisdom.

At age 30, Danny was substantially overweight. In April of last year, Danny, who stands 5-foot-10, weighed 103 kilos and was rarely able to exercise or be active. Though he once played rugby for his school, Danny had given up the sport as his weight ballooned. His knees started giving him trouble, and more and more, Danny thought his days of physical activity and good fitness were behind him.

A Bold Idea

Then one of Danny’s friends turned him onto an idea. The friend suggested that if Danny were to drastically cut back his calorie intake for a short period of time and simultaneously begin a regular workout routine, he could get back into shape relatively quickly. In fact, he could drop as many as seven kilograms in a single month—that was what the friend told him.

“I didn’t quite believe him,” said Danny. “It seemed too good to be true. But my friend said he had done the same program, and gotten the same incredible results.”

Part One: The Diet

So figuring it was worth a try, Danny began eating far less than he had previously. Whereas before he would eat three or four large meals a day, he cut his eating habits back to three modest meals each day. Instead of bread, cookies, and crackers, Danny began eating mostly vegetables and lean meat. Dairy was okay, but only in small portions. Desserts of all sorts were out of the question, as were sugary soft drinks and almost all alcohol.

As a result of his strict diet, Danny went from eating well over 2500 calories a day to eating only 1500. Keep in mind that to burn a kilogram of fat, you have to burn 7000 calories. And Danny had cut his caloric intake back by 7000 calories per week. That meant that every week, he could expect to lose at least one kilogram, just based on his calorie-cutting diet alone.

Part Two: The Exercise

But that wasn’t all Danny did. No, instead of relying exclusively on his diet to burn off the pounds, he started attending a fitness boot camp held at a park near his house. The boot camp met three or four days a week, in the mornings. Sessions lasted about an hour, and the instructor put the students through a regimen of cardio exercises and bodyweight lifts that were intended to shed fat and replace it with pure muscle.

“It was really hard at first,” Danny admitted. “I wasn’t in shape to do most of the exercises, and I would come home each day just pouring sweat off my brow. But it got easier over time, and soon enough I could keep up with the instructor and all my fellow students.

“And the students were pretty cool, too.”

Part Three: The Results

So in addition to the calories, he was cut from his diet, Danny was burning even more calories during his boot camp, and creating an even larger caloric deficit. By looking in the mirror, he could tell he was getting thinner. But he had resolved not to weigh himself until the full month had passed.

And what happened when he got on the scale?

“I’d lost nine kilos in a month,” Danny said, smiling. “Unbelievable, truly unbelievable.”

Believe it. With diet and exercise, it’s possible.