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Calgary Dental Implants Or Traditional Dentures?



For many, the decision of whether to get dental implants in Calgary or traditional dentures is a difficult one. There are pros and cons to both that you should consider while making your decision. There are also significant differences between the two. Regardless of which one you choose, it is best to find out as much as you can about each.

Calgary dental implants are inserted into a support that is fused into your jawbone. You cannot remove implants at will. Traditional dentures rest on top of your gums. The dentures are not supported and can be removed when you want. The implant functions like your natural teeth and requires the same amount of care.

You do not have to buy any special equipment to keep them clean. You can use your normal brush and floss to maintain them. On the other hand, traditional dentures must be removed and cleaned with a special denture cleaning solution. You may also have to purchase a sturdier toothbrush or denture brush to keep them clean. The time it takes for oral care is higher for the traditional dentures than the dental implants from Calgary.

Because Calgary dental implants are inserted into your jawbone, they are sturdy. This means you can eat anything you want without the fear of them coming out. Food such as corn on the cob is not a challenge while wearing implants. Traditional denture wearers have a bit more problem with eating some foods. Although the use of denture adhesives can help them stick to the gums while you eat, it is possible that they could slide or move while doing so. This also means that your dentures could move while doing other activities.

Calgary dental implants look more natural than some traditional dentures. The implants insertion into the jawbone means they have the same appearance of coming from the gums as your natural teeth. Depending on whether you have partial or complete dentures, you may have wires or braces on the teeth to hold them in your mouth. The braces may be visible if you only have a partial. Many people choose dental implants for this very reason.

Another benefit of dental implants is that they have the least amount of impact on your speech. They do not slip which means that you avoid any changes in your speech. However, traditional dentures tend to slide. When they slide or are in need of adjustment, you may find that your speech sounds mumbled or slurred. This can be an inconvenience when you need to communicate with others for hours at a time throughout the day.

The pain that you experience from the dental implants process usually subsides within a short period of time. Once it does, you most likely will not have to worry about pain ever again. Traditional denture wearers may experience periodic pain from gum irritation caused by the braces and wires on the dentures. You can also have denture pain due to the dentures being in constant contact with your real teeth.

Another difference in dental implants and dentures boils down to durability. Dental implants usually last a lifetime. With proper care and regular checkups, there is no reason for you to ever seek out a replacement set of implants. However, dentures need to be replaced every four to five years depending on how well they are cared for and how far your teeth have moved. When you wear dentures, your teeth gradually start to move. The fit of your dentures will change which means you need to get a new pair. Over time, this could be a hassle.