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The Path To Self-improvement – Five Apps That Could Change Your Life



Mad World

We live in a fast-paced world where we are constantly bombarded with advertising, emails, sales calls, and social media messages. Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone, whilst being designed to fit in with and enhance our busy lifestyles, can sometimes seem like more of a curse than a blessing.

It means that there is no escape from work emails and Facebook messages. Many of us turn to apps and games to help us try and switch off from our busy lives – but these games can be addictive and sometimes end up being as stressful as the world we are trying to escape. But what if there were some phone apps that could improve your life?

Apps for change

It’s hard to believe that a phone or iPad app can improve your life, but there are a lot of apps out there that are designed to do just that.  I have looked at quite a few and it seems to me that the most effective self-improvement apps are the most simple ones.

1)      Gratitude Journal – This neat little app designed for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad works on the principle that writing down five things you are grateful for each day for at least a month will help you cultivate a more positive attitude to life. Simple but apparently effective and the app has been featured on Oprah. It also has some nifty extras like allowing you to add your own photos.

2)      The Worry Box – An app designed for android phones that combines aspects of CBT with relaxation techniques. You create a password-protected diary where you store your worries – the thinking being that they have less power when they are written down. There is also audio guidance and a library of relaxation guidance to help you improve your stress management. The best thing of all – this app is free!

3)      Last Pass – Ever been locked out of your bank account or had to wait days for a new Facebook password because you accidentally logged out? Last Pass is a password manager that works across all platforms – it is designed to take away the stress of remembering so many different passwords. It is password protected and encrypted, and stores all your passwords securely in one place on your own PC or device. Genius.

4)      If you are in the job market or simply looking to see what jobs are available then a job search app might be just the thing you need. Monster has apps for all platforms which allow you to job search on the move, get new jobs emailed to you, and access your account when you are out and about.

5)      Lift is a good looking iPhone app that claims help you improve your potential. It is designed to help you identify which good habits you want in your life, and helps you to form them. It tracks your progress and also enables you to access peer support.