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Anti Aging Miracles on the Go: iPhone and iPad Apps



In an era where technology reigns, the hunt for the fountain of youth comes in a different form – anti-aging therapy. This is not immortality that could allow one to live with vampires, although many wouldn’t mind spending the rest of eternity with Edward Cullen or Damon Salvatore. But what is more real in the essence of real are regimen to fight wrinkles, the ultimate logo of getting old; treatments to eliminate fats stored by years of munching French fries, burgers, and steaks; and removing age spots care of Mr. Golden sun.

Cosmetic surgery techniques have undergone tremendous innovation to restore that youthful glow. But can you afford it? Do you have the luxury of time? Can you stand the pain? Good thing Apple has the answer. Here are some anti-aging apps you can now enjoy via your iPhone or iPad:

1. Good Housekeeping’s Anti-Aging Beauty Shopper

Created by Hearst Communications, this app provides users the latest anti-aging products for skin and hair care available in the market today. A league of researchers, editors, and two years worth of studies spent by GH Research Institute have put together efforts to assemble an app that tests skin and hair care products. The app then gives recommendations to its users. The Anti-Aging Beauty Shopper is deemed informative and cuts the time of going through online reviews. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

2. Anti-Aging Tibet Exercises

Our ancestors’ lifespan is significantly longer compared to today’s statistics. Experts say it has something to do with lifestyle. The Anti-Aging Tibet Exercises app for iPhone and iPad teaches five simple movements and rituals that were harnessed from monks’ practice that date back to hundreds and thousands of years. The app may be linked to Twitter, so users may interact with each other and trade in secrets and reviews.

3. Anti-Aging Mirror

This iPhone and the iPad app let users see the anti-aging effects of products they are about to purchase in real-time. Effects may be adjusted depending on the amount of the cream or products and techniques employed on the forehead, nose, cheeks, and small lines. You will also have the before and after look for comparison.

Anti-aging treatments don’t have to be costly or even involve surgery. With these cool apps, you’ll definitely be on your way to finding your desired products & treatments for a younger-looking, healthier you!