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5 Ways To Save Your Life By Killing A Debilitating Habit For Good



Sometimes we fall into a trap and there doesn’t seem to be any escape. We form habits that take over our life and the thought of going a day without giving in to their temptation is almost too much to bear. It’s easy to form a habit that can take over your life, but it’s a lot harder to give it up. If you’re unlucky you might not live too long on the road you’re headed. Even if your habit isn’t going to kill you, in the short-term, it could still be sucking your life away because that’s where all your money is going. You need to cut it out at once.

You’re not the first person who’s been stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Most people in the world can put their hand up and say they’ve been the victim of a debilitating habit. Even when people think they are doing nothing wrong it’s still harming their life and you only need to look at people who are addicted to the gym to see that. If you’re finally ready to accept what you might have is a horrible habit we can look at a few ways you can put an end to it as soon as possible. Just remember you’ll be fine, but you must start now.

One thing at a time
If you wanted to stop smoking you would only try to stop smoking. It sounds simple, but people like to give themselves a little challenge and usually fail miserably. They decide to quit smoking, but they’ll also stop eating cookies and drinking coffee in the same week. It all gets too much to bear and nothing positive comes out of it. You still have a cigarette in your hand at the end of the week, plus a mug of coffee and a whole jar of cookies.

Avoid certain situations
You could get asked to go out drinking at night, but you’ve already said you want to stop. Instead of drinking alcohol, you decide you will only drink juice when you’re out. How long will that pineapple keep you away from the vodka? Maybe an hour and then you decide you will have a drink, after all, you can quit next week. If you never went to the bar you would be sitting at home drinking water and feeling great about yourself.

Speak to anyone
You can’t get through something without having someone to talk to. It doesn’t even need to be using someone’s shoulder to cry on. If you state something to someone you will feel bad letting them down. Tell your girlfriend you won’t gamble on football anymore. If you then go and put on a bet you should be ashamed of yourself. Once you fail a few times it’s probably a good time to use their shoulder to cry on.

Swap it with something
If you want a cigarette you should replace it with a stick of gum. If you want to eat a cake you should replace it with something that’s not a stick of celery. That’s definitely not going to last long until you go crazy, but I think you get the idea. Replace a bad habit with a new one. You might now have to get rid of the new habit, but at least it’s not making you fat or killing your lungs. Give it a few weeks until you give up because it’s a mental thing.

Stop thinking about it
I know it’s easy for me to say you shouldn’t think about it because you probably will, but you have to try. This could mean going to do something else to take your mind off things, which is sometimes all you need. If you’re desperate for a cigarette you could put on your favorite movie and hopefully, the power of the nicotine doesn’t drag you to the back door. If you’re really serious about something you could learn to meditate and it would take your mind off it much more easily, but it’s down to you.