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How Much Pay For A Reverse Vasectomy (And Save Some Cash)



American men consider vasectomy as a temporary form of birth control – it’s like a license to have fun without getting into a lifelong obligation. There can be other reasons too, though.

That’s why over 500,000 men in America undergo a vasectomy every year. And, 50,000 American men opt for a vasectomy reversal every year.

However, as time passes, men feel the need to reverse the process and start a family – this can again be for whatever reason like the death of a loved one, feeling the genuine need to father children, etc.

Every man who wants to reverse his vasectomy must know that the chances of success are between 40% and 75%. The success is measured in the man’s ability to get his partner pregnant and this success rate is largely dependent on the time that has elapsed between the vasectomy and its reversal.

And then there are the costs.

A vasectomy reversal costs anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on how complicated the case is, the use of microsurgery, anesthesia, length of procedure, etc.

Guide To Making A Reverse Vasectomy Affordable

1. Insurance

Typically, a health insurance policy will not cover a reverse vasectomy. However, you should run a check with your insurance company. Even if the policy covers the procedure-related tests, it will save you some cash.

2. Savings

If you feel that you will need to reverse your vasectomy in the future, or if you want to provide for it because you expect the unexpected, then you should open a special bank account and deposit a sum every month till the balance equals the procedure’s cost. Know that you can get a discount if you pay the entire procedure’s cost upfront – and this can again save you a small sum for unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses.

3. Payment using Credit Card

Almost all medical centers accept credit cards. Paying with credit cards can even lighten your financial burden because you can pay the debt in installments (of course, with interest). You can obtain a credit card with a 0% introductory APR and use it to pay for the procedure if you are confident in making the payment by the next payment cycle. This will get you an interest-free loan for about a month or so.

4. Medical Financing Services

Many surgeons operate with lending agencies that deal with financing people who have not insured their health. You should check with your surgeon and choose a plan if you find it financially convenient.

This is how you can save some hard-earned cash on a reverse vasectomy.