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Things Every Man Should Know Following a Break Up



Love really does hurt, especially immediately after the breakup of a special or long-term relationship. Find out how to get over the pain and heartache and move on with your life following a painful split.

Men get hurt too

It’s always assumed that it’s the woman who tends to suffer most following the breakup of a relationship. However, men can be even more devastated when a relationship breaks down completely as they often have to shoulder additional burdens caused by the split such as:

  • Loss of the home
  • Financial losses
  • Limited access to children
  • Loss of access to pets
  • Damage to libido
  • Lack of self-esteem

Where the woman gets a hefty financial settlement and use of the former family home the man can find that he is severely out of pocket and emotionally battered. Add to that the animosity which accompanies many breakups and it is common to find that a man becomes a mere shadow of his former self.

Get back in the saddle!

Nothing helps to heal the heart so much as a good generous bout of no-strings-attached sex with a beautiful and willing woman who knows how to give and receive satisfaction. Whether you are looking for an escort in Essex or a partner in Prestatyn, the internet can be a great help in sourcing a woman who will help to take the pain away and get you back on your feet again.

It is a perfectly natural reaction to a painful breakup to indulge in hermit-like behavior, staying in and brooding over what might have been. Some men go in completely the opposite direction, going out drinking with their mates night after night in the hope of numbing the pain through alcohol and loud music. Neither of these scenarios is beneficial for physical, emotional, or mental health, so seek out better ways of recovering your former lust for life.

Find an amenable woman

The single most important thing you can do for yourself, post-split, is to realize that you are capable of making and receiving pleasure from the opposite sex. Source a reputable escort agency and treat yourself to a few hours with a beautiful and accommodating woman. With no pressure to ‘get to know’ your date, you can smooth your initial foray into the world of dating with an evening of no-strings fun and private partying, boosting your confidence and restoring your self-belief.

Most escorts are attractive, uninhibited, and intelligent women who understand a man’s needs and work to accommodate them. You can wine and dine your partner knowing that the night will end with an excellent conclusion.

With escort agencies up and down the country, the internet makes it easy to track down a suitable partner for the evening. Choose your favorite woman and let her restore your confidence in relationships.