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Self-Tanning Tips For Beginners



Tanning isn’t rocket science but as a beginner, you need to be careful and attentive especially if you’re new to tanning and you’re going to do it all by yourself. This is important so you don’t make mistakes and make a mess of your tan. Here are some tips to help you get to grips with self-tanning.

Get The Knowledge

Knowing about the different types of tanning, application procedures, options for removal and the best type for your kind of skin is important. This will give you a broad understanding of what tanning generally is all about. From there you can begin to calculate what options will be appropriate for your kind of skin and body.

Knowledge will also help you know what to do if something goes wrong and how to inexpensively remove the tan if you don’t want it anymore.  You could also learn how to prepare your skin for tanning, exfoliating, drying your skin, applying the finishing touches, and making your tan last for many days after application.

Plan Ahead

Don’t just go directly into applying your tan after learning how to do it, you must plan ahead. You should know what you want to use and where you want to use it. Make a list of all the things you’ll need to make your tan work.

You should also know what time of the day you’ll have it done and the methods you want to use to make it dry as quickly as possible. If you’re going to need help in your self-tanning, then get it before you start. Also, you should consider the exact color depth you want; either light or deep. If you’re confused about the color you want, do some online image searches or get a magazine to pick out a sample tan color that you prefer.

Know The Product

One thing you’re bound to confront when shopping for self-tanning products is the issue of making the right choice. This will happen because you’ll find so many tanning products and you won’t know which one to pick. The solution to this problem is to do a bit of online research about the best skin tanning products available in the market.

Whether you want to buy a cream, gel or lotion ensure that you find out about the product before you hit the “add to cart button” to make a purchase. Visit product review sites or forums dedicated to tanning to find out which tanning product is worth your cash.

You can also post questions on social media sites about the best tanning product to see if you can get useful answers. However, if you know any friends, neighbors, or family members who’ve got experience in self-tanning you can ask them to give you some directions.

Get To Grips With The Tricky Parts

It is very important for you to note that there are some parts of your body that are easy to tan while others might give you a bit of trouble so you need to pay special attention to them. Your legs and arms won’t give you any problems but you need to work hard when it comes to tanning areas around your eyes, ears, hands, feet, elbow, and knuckles.