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Top Sunburn Relief Tips



One of the main reasons why people are afraid of sunbathing is sunburn. Every year, thousands of people trying to achieve a natural tan in the sun end up getting sunburnt looking like an overcooked lobster. Sunburn occurs when you stay in the hot sun for too long and the UVA and UVB rays penetrate your skin.

This results in a reddish color on your skin that can result in blisters and swelling. It can also lead to partial experiences of headache, nausea, and weakness. If you have sunburn there is no need to panic. Here are some very useful and effective ways to help relieve your condition.

Go For A Soak

One of the best ways to relieve sunburn is to take a bath with water and a teaspoonful of soda water. Soak for only 15 minutes to avoid dryness. Once you’re done with the bath, air-dry instead of the towel dry to avoid removing the baking soda from your skin. Pouring ice cubes into the water to make a cold bath can also help relieve sunburn.

Just make sure that the temperature is right for you and then dive in. You can also dip a cloth in the cold water and then place it on your body. As the cloth warms, replace it with a fresh dip every few minutes and apply it on your skin several times during the day.

Visit The Chemists

Sometimes, sunburn becomes so severe that it leads to serious itching on the skin. If this occurs then you need to make use of aluminum acetate, which is widely available in chemists. Just mix the aluminum acetate with water so that it can help relieve the itching.

Witch hazel is another ingredient that is very effective against sunburn because of its anti-inflammatory relief. To apply, just moisten a cloth with the witch hazel and apply it to the affected areas. Witch hazel can be used for temporary relief as well as for smaller areas with the use of cotton balls.

Home Remedies

Because aloe Vera has the ability to constrict blood vessels, it can help remove the redness and sting from your sunburn. To make use of aloe Vera for sunburn, split the leaf in two and then apply the gel inside directly on the sunburn. Apply the Aloe Vera about five to six times every day for a number of days until the sunburn is eliminated. Sunburn on the eyelid can be removed using tea bags soaked in cold water to help relieve pain and reduce swelling.

Teabags are useful because they contain tannic acid which is very effective against sunburn pain and lettuce also works. Just boil the leaves in water, strain, and allow the liquid to cool inside a refrigerator. Put cotton into the liquid and gently rub or softly press it on that part of your skin that is irritated. Apple or white cider vinegar can also be very useful. Mix one cup inside cool water and then apply it on your skin for complete relief.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can help replenish the dehydrated skin that has been dried up by the excess sun. There are certain things you’ll have to avoid e.g. soaps. Using soaps, bath oils, and other ingredients will react with your sunburn, increase the irritation, and make it worse. Also, avoid using towels to dry your skin instead let yourself dry in the air. Avoid wearing heavy clothing over sunburnt areas so as to discourage irritation. Wear only loose clothing like T-shirt and pajamas that are made with cotton materials.