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Aloe Vera Benefits and Home Remedies



As we are living in the 21st century, we are getting closer and closer to nature. With the advancement in technologies and researches, modern society is getting greener. This is the reason that in spite of thousands and thousands of known chemicals with us, our researchers are trying to use more and more natural ingredients in the medicines, ointments, and cosmetics. Today we will have a look at the home remedies with aloe vera also called as a wonder plant. Whether it is a hand wash or a night cream, a moisturizer, or a shampoo, aloe vera benefits are being used in most of the beauty products.

#1: cleansing scalp treatment

Aloe vera is a good purifying agent. Mix aloe vera juice with jojoba oil and apply this mixture on the scalp. This mixture will act as a purifying mask and will nourish your hair also. You can keep this mixture on for one hour or overnight as per your wish.

#2: shiny hair

Aloe vera imparts shine to the hair and makes them soft and silky as well. Before shampooing your hair you can apply aloe gel or juice on your hair and leave it for half an hour. Wash hair as you do always. This will help to make your hair smooth and moisturize them as well.

#3: face mask

Aloe vera has been used in many cosmetics because of the polysaccharides present in it. Use the aloe gel as a face mask. It rejuvenates the skin. Just apply the fresh gel or the paste from the aloe vera leaf on your face. Keep for 15 mins and then wash your face with normal tap water. This will moisturize your skin. Frequent applications of the gel/pulp make your skin glow. The gel also lightens the dark spots.

#4: heartburn

Ingest ¼ cup of aloe vera juice about 20 mins before eating. This relieves heartburn. But remember that not all the aloe vera plants are fit for ingestion. So, consume the product which is manufactured for ingestion only.

#5: minor burns

Aloe vera works wonder when it comes to minor burns, sunburn, or scratches. Apply a small quantity of aloe vera juice/gel to the burnt skin. This soothes the skin and helps it to recover fast. But remember one thing; do not ever use aloe vera juice or gel on deep or open wounds. It should never be applied directly to burns of greater intensity.

So, enjoy your good health with a plant known as a first-aid plant for centuries.