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Television Addiction And Other 21st Century Problems



As we enter the new century we are dealing with issues that have been pertinent for a while, but with the ever-increasing technological revolution, it is becoming more and more difficult to deal with competing influences.  Addiction to television sounds like a joke at first mention, but it is certainly a real deal issue that is plaguing the youth of today.  So many children are battling television addiction and with all the programs and videogames that are available, it is no wonder that we are a culture that has its face glued to the tube.

Dealing with these issues is not easy, especially since we are all creatures of comfort.  It is not at all uncommon for individuals to feel comforted by escaping into the false reality that television programs offer.  The realism is becoming more and more pertinent, and can certainly play a large factor in how we are getting sucked into programs that are engulfing our lives.

Modern Day Diversions

There are ways to deal with this issue, and they are all common sense alternatives. We can all practice these on a daily basis because they are not difficult to accomplish at all, and in fact are a much more healthy way to live life.

Here are a few statistics to put this situation into perspective:

  • An average American watches more than 4 hours of television a day.
  • 99% of all households possess at least one television.
  • 66% of all American homes have 3 or more television sets.
  • Television is on 6 hours and 45 minutes in an average American household.
  • 250 billion hours of television are watched annually by Americans.
  • 49% of all Americans admit to watching too much television.

These numbers are astounding and are proof that there is TV addiction in America.  Remember that this is not just relegated to the United States, but all of the statistics that were just mentioned are all American statistics.  It is because of this that we can assess that there is far too much television watching in this country.

It makes you wonder what is happening to the youth of our culture.  These children are glued to the tube watching the latest and greatest episode of whatever program it may be.  Another issue that can crop up is the fact that it is extremely difficult to screen television when it is on so much.  So we should take caution when we are allowing our children to veg out in front of the television.