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Using A Water Fountain To Rest And Relax



Spend just five minutes in the presence of a water fountain and you will find your stress melting away. Water fountains have long been used as a tool for relaxation and stress-release, and many people enjoy the sensation they feel when listening to the peaceful running sounds of a water fountain in their home.

Of course, it’s not just in their homes that people have learned to appreciate and love the sounds and sights of a beautiful fountain. Famous fountains such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome draw millions of visitors each year due to the beauty and elegance that the fountain imparts. Many Asian countries have long understood the calming nature of running water and have used indoor fountains for hundreds of years to bring a sense of nature into their homes.

Today, people all over the world have learned about the benefits of having a water fountain in their home. Not only does a water fountain remind us of nature and running streams or brooks, but many times they can promote a deep feeling of relaxation just by the very sounds they make.

How to Find the Perfect Relaxing Water Fountain

1. First, you will need to decide what type of fountain you would prefer to have. Both indoor and outdoor fountains provide different benefits. For instance, indoor fountains allow homeowners to enjoy the sounds of nature inside their own homes. People who have small homes or do not have a lot of space outdoors may also appreciate a small indoor water fountain that they can set up in their bedroom or home office. Outdoor water fountains on the other hand can be powerful and majestic and often look best in large gardens or yards where they can provide a focal point.

2. Try to choose a fountain that goes best with your specific home decorations. For instance, if your home has an Asian inspired decorating scheme then there are many types of beautiful and natural Zen water fountains that will look perfect in your home. Likewise, if your home uses materials such as slate or copper then it is worth it to find these materials in a fountain to mirror your home’s style.

3. Decide whether you want a tabletop or wall fountain for your house when choosing your indoor fountain. Wall fountains can be very dramatic and can make a house look elegant. However, many wall fountains require brackets to be placed on a wall and may end up taking a lot of wall space.

Also, a wall fountain may not look right in a smaller home where there is not much space. On the other hand, a small tabletop fountain may get lost in a large home that has a lot of other decorations. Tabletop fountains look best in smaller homes where you can make it the center focus of any room. If you are looking to make your fountain a focal point then you should match the size of your fountain to the size of your home.

Water fountains can be a great tool to relax. However, before you are able to relax with your fountain you need to pick one that is right for you and your home. While the tips above can get you started in choosing the right type of water fountain, the truth is that you may end up seeing the water fountain you love without thinking about whether or not you are following these tips.

If you truly love a water fountain give it a chance even if it’s smaller or slightly larger than you were expecting. After all, the most important gift a water fountain can give you is that of relaxation.