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The Health Benefits of Having a Water Fountain in Your House



Adding a water fountain to your home may be more beneficial than you think. You already know that they are gorgeous pieces of art that provide a room with a much needed focal point, but do you know that they also provide health benefits as well?


The sound and visual appeal of cascading water are very soothing. It is hard to be in the presence of a water feature, and not feel the cares of the day just melt away. This is why water fountains have long been used in casinos and shopping malls; it is hard to stress over spending or losing money when you are relaxed by this gentle sound.

Moisturize the Air

Heating and cooling in your home typically lead to dry air. Not only does dry air make your skin itchy and your hair dull, but it also dries out your mucus membranes in the eyes, throat, and sinuses. This leaves them more vulnerable to germs and viruses. A water fountain constantly releases just a bit of moisture in the air to make the space healthier and more comfortable.

Positive Chi

Water fountains are a powerful feng shui element. Long before the western civilization grew fond of them, they were used in other parts of the world, primarily in meditation studios. The movement of water is said to create chi, which is positive energy. If you really want to create the ultimate environment for chi to flourish, complement your water fountain with the other essential elements, including fire, earth, wood, and metal elements.

Sound Barrier

Noise in other parts of the home or outside can rattle your nerves, especially if you are trying to sleep. Cascading water drowns out obnoxious noise, without becoming a distraction. This is why placing a water fountain in your bedroom can help you fall asleep faster and have a more restful night of sleep. You may not even notice the television that is too loud in the apartment next door, or the car alarm set off by thunder from the storm.