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12 Top General Well-Being Tips



As most of you will be aware, well-being is a contented state of being happy, healthy, and prosperous.

Along with exercise, good nutrition, and fitness there are many other ways to maximize your own well being. Here are my top 12 tips – somewhat simple but effective.

1. Love your self Love yourself? You may be thinking about how vain are you? Have you heard of the well known saying, you need to be able to love yourself before others can love you? Well, this is 100% true. Low self-esteem stems from underlying issues and can lead to many other problems such as – Eating disorders, strain in relationships, and even depression. Try to overcome these issues that hold you back from being you. Only by dealing with them can you truly learn to love yourself.

2.     Join the party circuit – You now may be thinking really, are you serious? YES, I am.. By surrounding yourself with close friends and family this will, in turn, help you enjoy and lead a happier healthier life. Friends encourage people to look after their health, as health is the most important and valuable thing you have. They can also reduce feelings such as anxiety and depression if the going gets tough.

3.     Immobile – There is still somewhat a taboo around the potential damage to health caused by mobile phones. On one hand, they are an amazing product of technology, however, it is well known that they can cause stress – So switch yours off wherever possible. If you use your phone mostly for work basis, switch it off on the weekends or in the evenings. Remember, anyone who calls can always leave a message.

4.     Laugh – Laughter is the BEST medicine, something we can all do. Laughter boosts blood flow. 15 minutes of laughter a day as well as exercise could reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Laughing as been found to help fight infections, relieve hay fever, ease pain, lower stress levels, and control breathing.

5.     Don’t live to work – Don’t live to work – Work to live. Something that so many of us struggle with is learning to leave work at work. So many of us cannot find a healthy balance between work and home. Learning to switch off when you leave work is key. If you are unhappy with your job or aspects of your workday, it will spill over into your personal life. Try to identify why you’re unhappy and try to resolve any problems.

 6.     De-clutter – Lets all face is clutter is something most of us hate. Clutter can be tiring. We trip over it and tidy it up, but it also makes you sigh every time you see it. Don’t try to tackle it all at once – set aside an hour each week to have a good clear out.

7.      Recognize your strengths – Most of us spend time focusing on our weaknesses instead of our strengths. Try writing down what you believe to be your top 10 strengths and come back to them when you’re having a bad day.

8.     Drink waterThe importance of drinking water cannot be emphasized enough. It is the easiest and most effective health tip of all. Try to drink 2 liters a day, not only does it hydrate your brain but it helps you maintain great skin too.

9.     Sleep easy – The importance of having a good night’s sleep also cannot be emphasized enough. Try to get at least 8 hours of interrupted sleep a night. Don’t sleep with the television or bright lights on, Keep your bedroom stress free – leave anything related to work or stress in another room, Invest in good pillows and a good quality mattress, and lastly do not eat a heavy meal or drink caffeine-containing drinks before bedtimes.

10. Mind your back – Back pain is a massive cause of disability which affects millions of people each year. Protect your back when your bending, lifting, and putting things down. Simply bend your knees instead of bending your back. Keep your feet apart for stability and hold the item that you are moving close to your body.

11.   Look on the bright side – Once you have begun to eat better and exercise regularly you will find yourself becoming and feeling more optimistic about the changes you’re making. Having and keeping a bright outlook keeps you motivated and moving forward. It also inspires you to make more positive decisions!

12.  Keep your skin healthy Who doesn’t want healthy glowing looking skin? 10 foods for healthy skin include – Kiwi fruit, avocadoes, blackcurrants, salmon, green tea, water, yogurt, tomatoes, oranges, and walnuts.

These are just general tips to increase your general well-being.

If however, you’re looking to burn fat or lose weight then you can find out more over at my blog here –where I talk (and rant) about everything in the fitness world. 

That’s it from me now, but keep a look-out for my future posts, and in the meantime visit the FLC site.

Take Care and Keep Focused!