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10 Health Tips For Men Over 30



When a man rolls into his thirties he’s likely to have more responsibilities than he used to have when he was a teen. These can be a career, children, aging parents, and other things. Of course, having a big family and a career is great, but this can also be very stressful if a man can’t organize himself well. Planning, positive thinking, and taking care of yourself and your dearest is the key to a healthy lifestyle for all ages :). Below I’m going to share some of the more specific advice that will help men over 30 to stay positive, healthy, and enjoy their life fully.

1. Healthy diet.

Proper nutrition is the keystone of a healthy lifestyle and a good mood. Regular, balanced meals must be your number one priority. Avoid fast food, enrich your meals with veggies, consume enough proteins. You can find loads of healthy diet examples on the web.

2. Supplements for men.

When you’re over 30 it’s time to think about taking food supplements, since it’s practically impossible to get 100% of your daily requirement of all nutrients/vitamins/minerals from your meals. To get better results I recommend visiting your therapist and getting professional advice.

3. Cardio exercises.

Heart diseases are one of the biggest causes of death in men. So, you should look after your heart well. Make regular walks, runs, and other distance-based activities to train your heart.

4. Weight exercises.

While women can be satisfied with aerobics, men need to make at least two workouts with weights per week. These will help you keep your muscles strong and toned. During power exercises man’s body issues hormones which are very important for your body.

5. Get regular medical examinations.

There are many diseases that can’t be diagnosed in early stages without medical checks, since they come without any symptoms.

6. Maintain relations with your relatives and stay connected with your friends.

A positive, friendly atmosphere is a surefire way to cope with stress and stay relaxed. If you have aging parents, don’t hesitate to discuss things that may bother them. There you’ll find hundreds of related articles, checklists, and gift ideas.

7. Watch your prostate health.

As men age, the prostate gland enlarges increasing cancer risks. Sadly, men often ignore this fact and overlook the first symptoms of this health issue. Remember that most diseases can be treated when diagnosed early.

8. Be responsible for your sexual life.

Use contraceptives. Lead an active sexual life. Multiple types of research show that men having regular sex are less susceptible to heart diseases and are healthier in general.

9. Plan.

Planning and good self-organization is a great stress-killer. By making simple plans you’ll save a lot of time and start feeling more comfortable and successful.

10. Take care of yourself.

Surely, when you’re over thirty, you have many responsibilities. But you should always find some time for yourself: go fishing, relax with your friends, go to your favorite basketball team match, etc.