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Stressed and Burnt Out? It’s Time For a Career Change



Stressed and burnt out? it’s time for a career change

We may not realize it, but if you are unhappy at work and in your career, then this can have a knock-on effect on your overall physical and mental health. You may find yourself willing to be sick or unwell so that you don’t have to go into the office. Signs such as skin breakouts and even hair loss, or loss of appetite and indigestion are all signs that your work life balance could be out of sync. Spending long hours sat behind a computer can also result in a range of aches and pains, meaning that you feel uncomfortable and disgruntled while in the workplace. So if you are feeling stressed and upset before you even get to the office, then it could be a sign that you need to consider a career change.

Remember, when it comes to changing your job there is no golden rulebook or ideal time to make these changes for the better. However, it’s best to do so before you become so sick and unwell that you can’t even cope with driving into your place of work – which does happen in some extreme cases. We spend hours and years of our lives at work, so it’s important to make some decisions if you feel that you are no longer happy or in the best of health. Write down the pros and cons of your job. It could be that a lack of career progression, a pushy boss and long hours traveling to work are getting you down. If this is the case, then it’s time to put your plan into action and make some positive steps to help you feel better.

The right job for you

First and foremost, you need to decide which aspects of your work are most important to you as an individual. Do you enjoy working in a high-pressure environment, and earning a big monthly bonus? Perhaps you want a job that is closer to home so you can spend more time with your kids and have some downtime in the evenings? Maybe you feel like it’s time that you learnt a new skill and gave some love and attention back to your local community, by either working for a charity or your local hospital or healthcare provider? Make sure you are honest with yourself and realistic about the kind of work that you want to do. Each and every career has its ups and downs, so must also be prepared to do some tasks in your new job that you may not enjoy. However, if you are doing a job that you love, then the hours will fly by, and any unpleasant tasks will no longer get you down.

Securing your new job

If you are looking to change your career path completely, then you will need to either complete a course or schooling so that you can learn the new skills and knowledge that you need to succeed. Academies such as UMA can help you learn and progress into your dream career in the health sector. Don’t dismiss checking online to see which options are available so that you can begin your learning after work or in the evenings. Online courses and TedTalks are a great way to learn new skills and information, plus many online resources enable you to exchange your ideas and thoughts in forums or chat rooms with your fellow students. Some employers positively encourage their employees to go back to school if they are looking to move into a different area within their company – so make sure you check out the kind of support and advice that you could gain from your current place of work too before burning your bridges.

Keep following your dreams

Let’s be realistic, any decisions that you make won’t go down well with everyone. From jealous colleagues who feel trapped and threatened by you, as you make the steps to progress, to friends and family who don’t understand why you are leaving a good job behind, you will need to have a thick skin and get ready for criticism. Even if you explain your decisions to them, they may not fully understand why you are taking such drastic steps. You could even explain it to them in very simplistic terms, by outlining that your overall health and wellbeing is failing – meaning that you can no longer complete simple tasks. However, don’t let people who aren’t willing to support you get you down. Remember that you are making these changes for you, and no one else. So don’t be afraid to tell them so.

Be patient

Making any changes to your career and health will take time and effort, so you will need to be consistent and kind to yourself along the way. Make sure that you eat well and rest up between studying too, so that you can remain in the best of health as you learn and grow. When it comes to learning and remembering new information, this can also take time and energy. So you will need to be prepared to make an extra effort if you want to succeed and do well. You are going to have to prepare for a few failures along the way, but don’t let these get you down. Pick yourself up again and enjoy any new experiences and challenges that you may face.

If you are feeling stressed and burnt out, then this is a sure fire sign that you need a career change. So if you can’t get out of bed, or worry about your physical and mental health, then you may want to consider the steps that you can take to ensure you have a happy and fulfilling career. First, make sure that you write down a clear list of your priorities and requirements for a happy career. Next, make sure that you are patient and look after yourself while you are studying. Finally, don’t let yourself be put down by others. Remember that you are making changes for you, and no one else.