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Benefits Of An Asbestos Survey



If you ever suspect that you have asbestos in your business or manufacturing plant you would benefit from an asbestos survey so that you can know for sure and respond according to the risk register after the survey is completed. You will be told in the survey where the asbestos is located, what its present condition is, and how much you are dealing with on your premises.

After you receive your report you should get together with a health and safety consultant who can help you find a constructive and safe way to deal with it. Depending on the information in the risk register you may be advised to remove it from the premises or if that is not possible due to the type (perhaps it’s in the cement) you will be advised on how to create a safer work environment for your employees who may be working in the area.

The benefits of the asbestos survey outweigh any perceived costs when you weigh the risks to the health of the people you work with, including yourself.  A health and safety consultant will be better equipped to show you what needs to be done than if you try to figure it out yourself. As noted above, some asbestos is difficult if not possible to remove. And some asbestos that is still in good shape may not be dangerous if certain precautions are taken. You may be advised to simply cover it with a recommended plastic as a form of prevention. Or if it is in bad shape you will be advised how to remove it safely. The safest thing to do is to hire a trained person to perform the task

You may think all you need to do is wear protective gear and get it done, but that may not be enough. If the breakdown of the material is really far along, the professional asbestos remover will wear special garments to protect his body and a special respirator to protect his lungs. He will also have a sealed covering over his head and eyes. You are not going to find the right gear for this task down at the hardware store. They are properly trained and are properly equipped to do the job. A job done right is a job done well.