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Gear Up – Wear Your Shoes Quick To Beat The Hot Summers




Scorching heat and dehydration are common stories of the summer season. Let’s not push the same story to repeat again this season, but take steps to fill it with fun-filled cooler hours. Chilly air showering on our body and that attached comfort is what each of us looks for every summer. People get out of their sheds, hunting for visiting the places that offer cool comfort. But nothing could beat the home! Summers are the best time for indoor sports and adventures. So, gear up and get ready to enjoy the hot weather by following the few tips both inside and outside of your home.

Here are some tips that can help beat the summer and deal with every bit of sunshine.

Get your AC repaired

After winters, many AC users fail to change the filters and are not able to maintain the appliance, which results in poor cooling of the room. Therefore, it is mandatory that you do a proper servicing of your cooling appliance to get maximum output and increase its life. Common HVAC problems include compressor not working properly, burning out of capacitors, etc. You should maintain your appliance by calling an AC repairing expert so that its efficiency is maintained and you can save money on yearly maintenance by eliminating frequent repairing charges.

Being hydrated is very important

Dehydration is a common problem in summers. You can deal with this issue by drinking a glass of water at regular intervals. Water is a savior and has no substitute in summers! It helps your body to be at normal temperatures and eliminates dehydration. Fruit juices, shakes are also excellent for the summers as it not only keeps you hydrated but also infuses the dying glow in your skin.

Minimize usage of appliance and do not waste energy

Electrical and electronic appliances emit heat and that contributes to warmer rooms. You should turn appliances off that are not in use, it will reduce room temperature and also save energy. Turning off appliances like laptops, TV, lights will also lower your utility bill. You can open your home windows to let the fresh breeze come in and hence stabilize air circulation inside your room.

Facial spray bottle

Cool water is the most efficient and safe way to keep your skin hydrated and cooler. You can use a spray bottle and spritz your face giving it a soothing experience.

Cooling your pulse points

If you want to get fast relief from high temperatures, you should run waters over your pulse points like wrist, neck. This will help you to cool down. You can also run water on your head, this gives you faster relief from high temperatures.

Avoid bulky clothes

Here, bulky mean tight clothes, darker shades that absorb more heat and increases your body temperature, resulting in discomfort. You should prefer cotton, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothing.

Use Hat and Fan

To avoid sun rays directly hitting your head and make your face look darker, you should use a hat, it will not only protect you from direct heat but also protect your delicate facial skin from getting burnt. The hat is also useful in protecting your eyes from direct sunlight.

Small and portable, battery-powered fans are great ways to say bye-bye to hot summer days.

Go for swimming

Swimming is the best sport in summers; it not only makes you feel cooler and comfortable but also does a fabulous job in toning up your entire body. And if you don’t know swimming, it is the best time for you to enjoy in waters and learn swimming.