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Supporting a Loved One With Cancer Can Be The Best Medicine



When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer you may be over stricken with grief and feel helpless towards the struggle your loved one must be enduring. For someone living with cancer, it is emotionally and physically draining. Having the support and love from friends and family it can make a world of a difference for that person during such a difficult and trying time. By giving support to your loved one, you are no longer helpless against cancer and will make a critical impact on your loved one and their journey. It is a difficult task to stay strong during such an emotional and tough time, but for your loved one it will prove to be one of their best medicines. These are just a few tips on how to offer your support and love to your loved one with cancer.

Show Your Love

Say I love you often and let them feel how loved they are as well. Have all their family and friends make a video, put together a scrapbook, or sign a card with a special note showing their love. Reading the card or watching the video that shows how much they are loved will get your loved one through the toughest of times during their journey.

Go With Them to The Hospital and to Their Appointments

Go with them to all their appointments and to the hospital, and be engaged during the appointment while taking notes and listening to the recommendations given. Make sure to ask many questions and learn the assessment of the condition of their cancer to help make better decisions as well. If your loved one is given orders by their doctor to rest and not overexert themselves, make sure to enforce this as it will benefit their wellbeing. Doing this will make sure your loved one never feels that they are battling cancer alone and that their wellbeing is greatly cared for.

Listen to Them

Listen to how they feel and what they are going through. If they bring up dying or their wishes after they pass, listen to them, and make it aware that their wishes would be granted. If they begin talking about dying, make sure to let them share and do not interrupt the. To wish to talk about dying, then remember it is a very difficult and uncomfortable thought for them; so do not make them have to keep it bottled up and make sure to listen.

Treat Them As The Same Person

Your loved one is still the same person, with or without cancer. Do not treat them differently, and remember to bring up other topics that enjoy. Don’t be afraid to use humor since laughter can be the best medicine. Talk about past memories with your loved one and enjoy your favorite jokes together. Your loved one will appreciate that you are able to get past the fact that they have cancer. Cancer does not have to define your loved one.

Remember You

Having a loved one with cancer is an extremely difficult thing to endure, and you need support at times as well. Be open to support from friends and family because having a loved one with cancer is emotionally draining and scary, regardless of what the prognosis is. Still remember to take care of yourself by getting the proper amount of sleep, eating well, and exercising.

Having a loved one with cancer is never an easy feat, but by giving your love and support you will help ease your loved one’s struggle with cancer. There are a lot of cancer charities and that way you can also help other people who are struggling with this disease. Just remember every kind of help counts.